Sanford, Maine

WE have been battling with Cenlar about an alleged Sept 2009 payment we owe

when The Taylor, Bean and Whitaker fiasco happend. At that time we were told to do nothing for a couple of months.

Each month Cenlar tells us we are a month behind. We try to get proof of that paymnet from two years ago

and they said do what we could. No worries. Just got a letter that our loan was in default.

WE are about to refinace this month so I will be done with Cenlar forever. What a joke balming us for there own mess!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

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Wow! We have been dealing with the situation since Sept.

2009. We have recently been threatened with foreclosure. We have also received several calls in the evenings after 8o'clock telling us that they are calling to collect a debt.

It is unreal. What are we to do?


They did the same to me in Oct of 10 - a year after the takeover. Fortunately it's one payment I had made by check and my bank sent them a copy that they had signed and cashed. Now they are harrassing me about missed payments again despite my online account showing all payments are up to date.

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