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Ever since my mortgage was sold to CENLAR I have had nothing but trouble. From My MPI to my Home owners Insurance to any dealings with their NON-CUSTOMER Support service, this is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with.

I hate this company with a passion it is the most inept, disorganized group I have ever dealt with in my life... The don't know their *** from *** in the wall. I wish they would sell my loan to "ANYBODY" else. I don't understand why they haven't been investigated yet?

I want to give you just one example of how bad and how *** they and their staff are. I started paying my Home owners insurance "TWO" years ago, this year they went ahead and paid for home owners because they hadn't received a confirmation from my insurance company so they said. Then I received a letter from them stating they received the confirmation of my home owners insurance. I get a returned check from my home owners insurance company, so I call CENLAR only to find out they didn't cancel the insurance as they claimed in their letter and they tell me they have been paying for my homeowners insurance for the past two years.....

I tell them they are crazy as *** so "NOW I HAVE TO SEND PROOF TO THEM THAT NOT ONLY HAVE I BEEN PAYING MY OWN HOMEOWNERS FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS BUT ALSO THE LETTER THEY SENT ME CONFIRMING THEY CANCELLED THE INSURANCE THEY PURCHASED ... WHAT A BUNCH OF ***, ***, ***, PEOPLE WORKING FOR A ***, ***, ***, COMPANY" If you have this company holding your mortgage then you know exactly what I’m saying because you have to have experienced some outrageous “***” thing from this “***” company and it’s non-staff

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

Monetary Loss: $1321.

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I am shocked that more people do not hate CENLAR.

Somehow my password to their website changes. I get it fixed and it works for a while and then I get locked out.

I request help via email - they send a form email that does not work, I remain locked out

They do not read any emails

They have no customer support

I am waiting for them to process an insurance claim on my house. They are useless :(

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