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Cenlar has started a new way to ripoff its customers that had no say in even being their customer. They have started charging a transaction fee for early payments and on payments from 0 to 5 days past due date of $2.00.

Payments from 6 to 10 days past due date are charged $7.50. Cenlar took over my loan when Taylor, Bean, Whitaker went under. Now they are charging me every month for the privilege of them servicing my loan.

I think this is B.S.. I never chose to bo business with this company to begin with.

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I too was upset about the new tranaction fee. I will be mailing my payment from now on.

I understand that mailing a payment cost the company more money. I suggest everyone start mailing their mortgage payment and let Cenlar eat the cost.


I've just begun paying my mortage, just bought the home in October. Seems these silly people want to charge me a "transaction fee" simply for making a payment, online, ahead of time. I a NOT happy about this.


I agree with "So Angry"! I hate this company so much!!!

I also tried to get a loan modification because I was out of work for more than a year and only working a part time job/temping. I was still making my mortgage payments on time or at least by the 15th as well , so to not get charged a late fee. Then, when I went online today to pay my mortgage, I saw this $12.00 transaction fee they all of a sudden have started charging for paying your mortgage past a certain number of days!!! WTF?!?!

Just like you, I was thinking they never sent anything stating that they were doing this!! I too didn't have this company when I got my mortgage...Now we're all stuck with them!!!


Just had a $12 fee attached to my payment. What a joke!

Funny how we are being charged after they start mailing statements recently. I don't think they can re-write the terms of my mortgage!


I hate this company!!! I asked for a loan modification becasue i was out of work for 8 months and only working a part time job.

Still making my mortgage payments on time or at least by the 15th as to not get wacked by a late fee. I find that when I go to pay my mortgage this month only to find that I now have been hit with a transaction fee of 12.00. Which by the way I never got anything stating that they were even doing this. I didn't want this company, I didn't have this company when I got my mortgage..

Now I am stuck with them!!!

I have filed a complaint witht he AG in the state of MA. I was so angry!!


Please tell me how do you know they are charging a fee to pay early? I always pay early and I'll be darned if pay for the privilege.

I did however see the $2 service charge to pay online. That's a rip as well!


Just noticed the transaction fee when I went to make my payment online. How is it possible that it should cost me MORE to pay through an automated means, than sending in a check manually which requires a ton of manual processing. THIS IS A JOKE!


Went to pay my MTG tonight and found about the 'transaction fee - or should I say *** fee'. What a bunch of ***!

Now I have to mail a check to avoid their fees - who does this anymore??? Judging from all the complains I see here, looks like I need to refi the *** out of this company.


It is a *** company with non-americans handling customer support. I will be leaving them as soon as I can get a refi.

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