Washington, District Of Columbia

Former T.B.&W. customer.

The USA government sent my loan to CENLAR! Not only are they a nightmare in servicing, they will not participate in HARP II. They say they service loans only. My friends that were not sent to CENLAR are converting to HAARP II already.

None of the other brokers want the CENLAR loans and certainly not at the terms they offer their customers. One actually told me that the CENLAR customers were "screwed". The government needs to move us out of CENLAR and we will be able to convert. Brokers said the reason that they do not want us is that they would become responsible for any future foreclosures and Cenlar would be "off the hook".

Obama allows for HARP II but does not require anyone to take us and they can add on requirements as they wish. Any Taylor Bean & W.

customers are lost in the government wilderness. Anyone finding an answer please post!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

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We, unfortunately due to our mortgage company TB&B going out of business are stuck with Cenlar the most worthless companies on the planet. We can’t take advantage of the low interest rates as Cenlar do not offer home loans, re-financing or any type of mortgage regardless of their statement “Cenlar service residential home portfolios and offers home equity loans, residential loans, auto loans, student loans and many other kinds of loans”.

BS and god forbid if you ever contact their CUSTOMER SERVICE via email, you will finally after around 3 days receive an email totally useless and it will not address your question or concerns, but simply inform you that they have pass you request on, at this point you have lost, you will never receive any useful help or assistance EVER!

They continually spin you round and around, because no one knows what the *** they are doing! :(


Servicers are not required to participate in HARP, unlike HAMP.

Cenlar no longer charges fees for online payments or payments over the phone thru the automated system.


You are right, Cenlar is rather rigid, and not all that helpful. Our mortgage will thankfully be paid off in five years, since we refinanced when our credit was still good.


Have you tried calling around to the different agencies that say they will help you? Don't get discouraged when one says no, keep calling until someone says yes.

Make it your second job to look on the internet and get referrals to other places that may have an answer for you. Good luck.


Cenlar is the worst mortgage company we have ever dealt with! Agreed with your posting.

We, too, are a prior TB&W customer and are in the same boat with respect to HARP II. They don't deal with HARP II, so we have to go to another lender, who basically can set any loan conditions they want on "new" customers. So, yes, as Cenlar customers, we don't have the favorable protection or benefit of being an existing customer of a lender who deals with Harp. So "screwed" pretty much sums it up.

What a ridiculous loophole in this plan. Way too much wiggle room for lenders.

I have had nothing but problems with Cenlar from them not paying my taxes and insurances early on (too a year to resolve) and, more recently, from extremely rude Customer Service people, and, of course the $12.00 service fee for making online payments! I will do anything to unload these people

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