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When my mortgage went up I contacted Cenlar and was told by the supervisor Jim that it was because my taxes went up.

that was a lie. I checked. They lie and steal or try to.

They purchased my loan and whatever problems that comes with it.

I am currently trying to find legal help to stop them.

i am still on hold with these thieves as i type.

So far I have spent 5 hours just trying to get an answer.

If you deal with these guy's at all you know what frustration is.

Good luck with your effort.

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Yes - CENLAR are a group of Thieves starting from the top all the way down the line. They will hold onto your checks and say they never received them, so they can charge you late fees. Always send them a check certified mail return receipt requested so you can prove they received it and when. DO NOT PAY them more than what you owe.

Find an attorney to send them a Qualified Written Request so you can look at all the transaction involving your mortgage and escrow.

File a complaint with the BBB, SEC, and a few others, (look around online you'll find them)

Send them emails daily and bug the *** out of them.

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