Fort Worth, Texas

Cenlar turned me into a collection agency and docked my credit score after I "missed" payment by one day. They claimed my ACH was a day late but it is automatic so this is totally false.

They also claim they called and warned me twice yesterday, but they never called. I asked them to show me recording of call and they could not provide it. Caller id on my phone shows no call and no message. They charged me late fee as well, which I was able to recover after hours on hold.

This is the worst company in America and not only are they terrible customer service they are actually trying to falsify that my payments are late to charge erronous late fees and hit my credit.

The worst part is that I am locked into a 30 year mortgage and have no way of leaving them. In a free-market, we could leave to another servicer and Cenlar would go bankrupt but since we are all stuck with them they can do whatever they want.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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San Diego, California, United States #831627

turned you over to a collection agency. That is great news!

(no kidding)

Learn more by going here

you learn how the "game is played", you cash in on their arrogant behavior.

go to YOUTUBE and search for DEBT COLLECTOR

search for debt validation WAKE UP AMERICA! - they are stealing our properties "BY DESIGN"

to clg Houston, Texas, United States #839411

clg, you are helping me tremendously. I am searching every post for your comments because I am in a nightmare as we speak with CENLAR. Hopefully, with your knowledge and post, I will wake up and change from a nightmare to a dream.

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