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My loan was transferred from Taylor Bean to CENLAR. I was nearly done with a mortgage modification.

Now, CENLAR says "start over" - and it has taken 3 weeks and I still don't know if they have my forms. Their numbers are always busy, the email just auto-replies, and Mr. Brown (Pres) and Ms. Bader (VP Loans) don't seem to care.

So, when they lose $50k on my mortgage, I suppose their investors will ask why.

Their customer service is terrible, and they bit off way more than they could chew taking on Taylor Bean. For now, they are all quiet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Customer Care.

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I'm starting a class action against them, not to get even; but to bring them to justice and to stop them from the fraud. If you're interested, please contact me. Our goal is to have at least 100.


CENLAR contact number in the USA ... Forget talking to the Indian across the ocean here is the contact number to speak to an American service rep.

(609) 883-3900.

Then ask for the operator. Hope the helps!!!

:grin :zzz :grin


Add me too. almost a year since my loan modification was restarted with cenlar.

they transferred me to bayview as well. keep changing reps and saying need this that the othet which i have sent and resent. amazing to me. i was also told i didnt qualify for imminent default when i did.

was also told to stop payment.

have called fannie mae and freddie mac numerous times. no help there either


Cenlar is the most customer unfriendly pernicious mortgage corporation in the USA..They are only out for themselves but make it hard as *** for a customer to get any information..They should be sued for incompetence and abuse of peoples money..

I curse the day Bean Whitaker Taylor sold to them..


Add me to your list.I had TB&W and they sold to Cenlar.I was referred to Baview to try to get a mod loan.This was feb 2011 and was just told I don't qualify for a mod.I had waited 11 months for nothing.Bayview had told me back in feb that we were 100% qualified.I have been fed up with Cenlar from the beginning.I have been thru everything all of you have mentioned.Let's just say "ditto."


Add me to the list of Cenlar victims. Our loan was also originally owned by TBW then aquired by Freddie Mac and serviced by Cenlar.

We missed one payment last year and then another this year (due to unforeseen circumstances). When we called to pay the following month's mortgage, we were able to do so. The person on the other end of the phone also suggested that we pay a couple extra hundred each month to get caught up if possible. The next month when we called to make a payment we were transferred to Bayview.

The person with Bayview refused to accept our payment and kept insisting that we had signed a Forberence Agreement and that we had to pay the amount we "agreed upon" or she wasn't taking our payment. Well, needless to say - we didn't know how much we were suppose to pay now since we had NEVER signed any sort of agreement. It wasn't until I filed a complaint with the BBB & The Attorney General that I caught my first glimpse of the agreement. Cenlar had replied back to the BBB and copied me on the letter and the Forberence Agreement which of course was not signed and contained conflicting dates.

The amount we were to begin paying was over $1,000 for the next five or so months. Bayview falsified an agreement and the letter from the Cenlar rep to the BBB had numerous lies. I wrote back to the BBB myself to combat everything that had been said and copied Cenlar. I never heard back from the BBB.

In regards to the Attorney General - they just confirmed that they had received my complaint (it's been a cpl of mths now). We chose to keep sending our regular payment amount into Cenlar via Certified mail each mth to show that we were not skipping out. After 2 years, we have just now begun getting mthly statements in the mail. Cenlar has sent us numerous letters that state that they have offered us an alternate solution but have yet to hear back from us; however, they have NEVER offered us any program or even requested our financial information.

That is until about a month ago. We received our first offer of help, but w/o required documentation. We went to the government's website and printed out the home mod documents and sent them Certified mail. We knew we had the right documents and filled them out completely so that Cenlar had no excuse to not review the items w/o hesitation.

We received a letter in return stating that they had received our information and that if they had any further questions that they would reply via mail within 5 days. Otherwise they would review everything and send us an offer in 30 days and that we would then have 14 days to reply. It has nearly been a mth now and nothing further has been requested of us . .

. Well, other than the new notices that have begun to be placed on our front door. Plain brown door hanger stating that it's important to call FLHLMC and a telephone number. When I called, it was Cenlar!

I was told that Cenlar (despite writing us and cashing our checks) was no longer dealing with me and that I needed to contact Bayview. The person couldn't tell me why I keep getting notices on my door to call Cenlar when I have to deal with Bayview and there is nothing she could do about it. I've read that this may be someone that they're sending out to verify that we still occupy the home. If so, why don't they knock (I've been home each time they've left the notice) & secondly they don't need to verify that I'm still in the home when they keep getting correspondence from me with payment each month.




You DO NOT HAVE to speak to the person in India - note "Be Kind", but it's the law - if you ask to be transfered to the US they MUST TRANSFER you - but the catch is this: they have had so many ask this that now the US Customer Service is backed up (reg wait time-15-20 minutes!!)but it is someone in the US. Reason I am saying you must be nice to the India person...they have to put you on hold before they can cue up the call to send...meaning they can leave you hanging for 15+ minutes also...and now the India folks are getting upset because no one wants to speak to them, so BE NICE!

And now after all this....CENLAR is not going to be much better- they are rude, they are over worked, and most hate their jobs, so if you are looking for help and probably are not going to find it here. Suggestion - no matter if CENLAR has locked in rates and low interest....check out the banks in your local town. Loan officers are willing to work with local people...and even if you have to pay 1 -2 percent higher interest...what is it price tag you puton good customer service.

I have a mortg with CENLAR at 5% locked in for 30 years....I went to my local bank got a 20 yr lock in at 6% interest - I'll live with it! Might want to think about CENLAR - I have had nothing but trouble, no communication, terrible service and just all around NO HELP from them.


Yes, we are facing the same thing. I received a notice that we are behind in paying our mortgage due to the transfer from Taylor Bean over a year ago....I tried calling them at the number they provided and there was no answer on my first attempt, disconnected on my second attempt and put on hold for 20 minutes on my third attempt. Not real happy with Cenlar!


Has anyone ever investigated weather they even legaly own your loan?


I have been trying to do a short sale for almost one year with Cenlar. They are incompetent and unprofessional.

They have asked for the same documentation four times. Cenlar took over a TB&W loan. I could not get them to think about modifications--all they were willing to do is lower interest rates or extend the time for the payments. The property is over 125K underwater and there were no buyers for 4 years.

Their delays cost one buyer and now they are fouling up another one. Does anyone know if there is some loophole in the law that makes it better for them to push someone into foreclosure rather than taking a short sale. It certainly seems like this is some kind of game or strategy.

I can't believe anyone is this incompetent! This started in January!


Cenlar has got the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.There phone system is designed to keep you waiting so long you just give up.Seems no one at this company is concerned with the customer needs there standard answer is we CAN'T HELP YOU. How do I find someone else to service my loan.I'm feed up.


Our mortgage was also bought from Taylor Bean. We're in the process of selling and buying a new home, so we'll be paying off any time now.

When we went to get financing for our next home we found out Cenlar hasn't been reporting to the credit bureaus.

They said since some payments were late on paper during the TB transfer they made a business decision to not report anything, so we wouldn't get dinged for a late payment.

We should have caught it when we did our regular credit checks, but it never crossed my mind our mortgage wasn't on there so I didn't notice. Our closing costs are thousands of dollars more because of this.


Cant we all just get a class action going on them???


Is it true Cenlar is under investigation by the FCC or another federal agency? Why are they not being investigated by the FBI?

I am scared to make another payment.

I don't know where my money is going, can never access the on-line account info, can't understand the person who eventually answers the 800#, etc. And yet I receive another Escrow Shortage notice saying I need to pay MORE money to them.


Problems with Escrow - since taking over my mortgage from Taylor Bean & Whitaker, Cenlar has been a nightmare. They consistently double charge me for "flood" insurance, saying they had to get forced insurance because they didn't receive notice that I had insurance.

I can show them that they paid for flood insurance to the company I selected PRIOR to them purchasing forced flood insurance. They blame it on the insurance company not notifying them - but this proves otherwise. I reconciled my escrow amount last year, and said I would pay the amount I calculated I owed. They sent me a new booklet with three payments higher than normal, to pay the escrow amount I calculated.

Then they turned around and sent me a new escrow balance sheet, which is so screwed up its hard to understand. I'm not prejudice, but when I have to constantly talk to people in India, and actually have someone ask me of I'm sure I'm not "Terryl", when my name is "Terri", it makes me wonder. Talking to a supervisor is just as bad.

I'm copying all my correspondence to the Attorney General's office in my state, as well as the Better Business Bureau. If there is a law firm out there willing to take on a class action case against Cenlar, let me know - I'll sign up immediately!


cenlar gave me the best mortgage advice no one can ever refuse!! i was told by their mortgage expert to go to my parish and ask money from the parishioners so i can come up with the shortage on my payment; because according to her they do not accept short payment, and that they are going to charge me for a late fee for "missing" my payment.

the reason why i was "missing" my payment was because they did not note that they sent back my check to me because i was $150.00 short!! :cry


Cenlar offered me help, but they failed to deliver!!

christine H

CENKAR contact numbers...

609-718-2432 Trenton, NJ

609-718-1606 FAX att: Aaron

425 Phillips Blvd.

Ewing,NJ 08628

(866)224-0136(put in loan #, then hit #0 couple times to bypass automated garbage,give Indian/"off-shore" consumer service ur basic info. Ask for "Aaron" in NJ office)

Wasn't till I said NO,I realize what you are doing, this is wrong, I have mailed, faxed, called(ask for names, write in BOUND notebook, dates and times, can be used in court as legal document) came certified return receipt...then will be legal papers starting class action suit. All of a sudden I was speaking to people in NJ and Suppose to get letter in mail claiming this issue is resolved....about paid taxes and escrow threats..hmmmm?????


How can someone in India answer to your concerns? I want it out and in search for a mortgage transfer. I will give my business and my hard earned money to a more reliable and customer oriented financial institution.


every year cenlar tell me escrow is short by over 700.00. started when they took the loan from taylor-bean.

can never find someone to talk to that can justify this and if i don't pay, they raise my payment by 100.00 a mo. right now they have not paid my ins.

from my escrow account. i'm really fed up with them, but what can be done?

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