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We are trying to refinance our mortgage that CENLAR acquired from Taylor, Bean & Whitaker into the Housing Affordability Refinance Program (HARP), but CENLAR is utterly useless.

CENLAR told us that we were viable to have our loan refinanced and told us to contact one of two banks they are working with on HARP refinancing. The first bank won't write a loan for the state where our home is, and the second bank tells us that our loan is not on CENLAR's list of approved loans for refinancing.

I have spent three weeks, 40 hours and 65 phone calls to CENLAR and the bank trying to get an explanation but to no avail.

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I'm starting a class action against them, not to get even; but to bring them to justice and to stop them from the fraud. If you're interested, please contact me. Our goal is to have at least 100.


If you think you have it bad have a house fire and try to get your money from them to do work on your house. Had to send insurance check to them to release.

Bunch of liars at cenlar. Said they haven't decided if they will release remainder of money to me or put on my principle.

Ive paid on time they are stealing from me. Sick and tired of the runaround.


I am a former tbw customer who is now with cenlar. I am in the middle of a harp refi through another lender.

They are saying it is with *underwriting* and looking like it will go through. They have requested document after document and I have complied.

6 months in and no closing date. anxiously waiting in GA


I am going through the same thing, it's paperwork after paperwork, they also said don't pay the house payment, now it's 30 days late. The loan officer has no clue and told me a bunch of lies.

Right now I'm in a mess with trying to catch up with all the payments. The loan officer and underwriter need to get on the same page.

Thomas W

Anyone have a congressional contact to get our loans moved from CENLAR so that we can use Obama's HARP II? CENLAR does not own our loans, they just service them for the government.

It will be almost impossible to get HARP II loans that everyone else is getting unless we are moved to a full service company that does loan origination. Taylor Bean & Whitaker victims unite!


How does Cenlar have the nerve to mention the hamp program in their automated information as if they actually support this and grant loan mods! All this program did was give the bank money to pay their *** employees to push around an enormous waste of paperwork and time.

Truely screwing with people's lives. I applied for a loan mod that i qualified for after a job loss, and Cenlar accepted the package and then week after week, month after month went by. I have a follow up call log a page long. I tried several times to get more of an answer then its "pending approval" and would never get to speak to who was in charge of my case.

I wonder if their tune would change if it was my lawyer calling. In the end, after i wasted over 6 months the send a letter that i was denied because i was current on my loan, ( which i was advised to be by their representative or they would consider me high risk to default on the mod) and secondly that my mortgage holder did not participate in this program! Really, it took them 6 months to tell me that.

Who is running this company? My loan was sold early on by another bank and now I feel like one of Celars hostages!


I lost my job back in December and called Cenlar in regard to a Hardship program. They referred me straight to Ocwen which is a dept collector.

I have never been behind on my mortgage loan so why they would refer me to those people is a mistery. Then they turned my request for a loan modification over to Bayview Loan Servicing.

They are going to send me paper work to sign and I am not signing anything after what scam artist they are all though I need my loan modified so i can afford my payments. It's terriable that people are seeking help and not getting it - instead they are getting scammed out of there own house.


I have run into the same issues they keep saying it'll take 60 to 90 days to review the paper work for the modification, yet at the same time would not except payments and have started foreclosure proceedings on my home. i am a single working father who has primary custody of my 8yr old son and 5 yr old daughter and this is insane!

i have approx $30,000 worth of equity in the home and they are sitting on approx. $10,000 in an escrow acct for the home.

how is this legal? :(


Cenlar doesn't refinance loans ... they are a bank, but a subservicer ...

so they dont originate any loans ...

if you want to try for the HARP program you need to contact Freddie Mac directly! do your own research and stop waiting for the "mortgage company" to save you


I am in total agreement. I was a TBW customer... have invested numerous calls, and an inordinate amount of time on the phone with Cenlar, who has been totally useless helping with HARP refinancing.

Numerous calls to customer service suggested banks that do not support non-existing accounts... and then actually suggested that I do a short-sale!!!!!!!!

I have NEVER been late on my mortgage, am a victim of the re-sale of loans (TBW was NOT the original owner of the loan)... and now, where there is potential help, NOTHING....

I am totally frustrated... this is not what the President was trying to do.... FOR SURE!


HUD should be accountable for the mess they created mis handling TB&W customers. We were in the middle of re-financing when HUD shut down TB&W only to find out they sent our loan to CENLAR who does not offer customer support or refinancing.

Facing hardship it was important for us to refinance when we were approved and in the process through TB&W. Now even applying for loan modification with CENLAR they not not offer modification. IRONIC that our government sent our loan to CENLAR and CENLAR does not participate in the government loan modification program to help. Now my loan is sent to a collection agency OCWEN who are crooks that are not helping owners who are approved for loan modification.

I hope some legal firm is working to sue HUD, CENLAR and OCWEN. If any one is aware of any lawsuits please let us TB&W customers know.


I have tried to refinance since Cenlar had taken over my mortgage from TB&W. I am playing 6.875 now and have never had a late payment and put 30K down on a 86K home.

I was trying to get a lower payment. I was also told Cenlar does not refinance. Because I have insurance on my home I was told I can get a refinance from Bank of America at... 10.5%.

I do not understand this and almost feel as if I should just say the *** with it and let the house go into foreclosure. My mortgage company goes under for corruption and now I am stuck with a mortgage that I cannot refinance. I am living in another state now because of this and my house is rented so I am able to pay my mortgage, but I feel like the goverment is making me pay a bill for a PRIVATE company who is interested in one thing and only one thing. Making me squirm and not pay back what it owes.

What is this country coming to. I am now raising my 3 grandchildren 2 of whom are special need and the oldest is 2 1/2 yrs.

I am stuck renting in a substandard 2 br house because I cant afford to move because my grandchildren need constant care and only my husband can work now. But I do what needs to be done, pay the mortgage and still no one will even look at us for a lower mortgage.


I tried to refinance my loan. Everything was on track until I mentioned I had mortgage insurance.

My lender told me if you have MI, the only refinance you can go through is with your current servicer. I am trapped, Cenlar is not a bank and only services loans.

I am now stuck? I want to get away from Cenlar, is there any way out of this company?


I got a list of harp lenders from fredie mac, I filled out an application with one that they said was ok, after running credit etc.. But fredie mac rejected it wirhout explination


You're both being terribly abused by this incompetent company and should file a complaint with your State's attorney general. I have yet to find a lender who is either knowledgeable on HARP or is willing to work to find solutions (including my current lenders, Wells Fargo and Chase).

The crisis they put themselves in and then got rescued from by taxpayers, appears to have done nothing to improve their ethical standards.

The only thing I've learned so far, is that making my payments on time, having a good credit rating, and having a decent income, gets me just as ignored as anyone else. They're all worthless.


Cenlar will not help you or me. Two months ago, my husband lost his job.

Cenlar recommended we go thru the "" to which we did and quailified for the Home Modification loan but the minute Cenlar got out application package they sent our loan straight to Ocwen, a debt collector loan servicer.

Ocwen has been calling and threatening foreclosure even though we are current with our mortgage. The Hardship programs are supposed to help people, but Cenlar uses to screen out those who they feel might default and sends it straight to collections.

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