I had an insurance claim out for my house where the check was issued to us and Cenlar. Cenlar customer service reps after multiple calls could not get on the same page as to documents owed and what they had received versus not received.

Every time you call their company you get a different answer. This has to be a game they play in order to make interest off the money that insurance companies issue out to home owners. This was a terrible experience with this company.

It has taken them close to 2 months to process paperwork. Talk about disfunctional.

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Mine has been 4 months and counting. Haven't seen a penny.

Paid 25k out of pocket/ credit to fix home damages, and they are holding my insurance checks ransom, claiming I need to provide all sorts of documentation.

Documentation that I was not even made aware of that I needed until all work has already been completed. This homeowners claim, dealing with cenlar, has been my worst nightmare.


Incompetent! Very poor customer service.

I am in the process of continuing to deal with CENLAR to process an insurance claim check secondary to structural damage to my home from a storm. You would think that it would be in the best interest of the mortgage company to expedite these processes to preserve a home they have a vested interest in. Their department states that once paperwork and funds are received they will issue a check to the customer within 4 business days. This is a lie, I completed my responsibilities 23 days ago and the check has still not mailed.

I have had to place multiple calls to encourage them to complete the job which has been a complete waste of my time. I have on multiple occasions been told something would be completed by a certain date only to see that date come and go and I have to follow up with another call to complain. At this point I do not believe anything any one representative from this company tells me because they have dropped the ball on multiple occasions. I have left two messages specifically for the manager (Michael Blackburn) of the department to call me back directly to discuss my dissatisfaction with the processing of my claim and he has yet to return to my calls.

I would highly recommend any person considering CENLAR as their lender to reconsider; they have no care and concern for you as their client and only want your money. If I had the opportunity I would fire them! I too was wondering if they were holding funds to make interest off the insurance claim check.

. .I am not the only one.

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