Chimayo, New Mexico

File complaints with:

Office of Thrift Supervision

1700 G St NW

Washington DC 20552

referred by:

New Jersey Office of the Attorney General

also complain to:

New Jersey Dept. of Law & Public Safety

Dept of Consumer Affairs

PO Box 45027 Newark NJ 07101

referred by:

State of New Jersey

Dept. of Banking and Insurance

Division of Banking

Please let your voice be heard and files complaints.

also contact:

Mark Lybeck

Chief General Counsel, Cenlar

609-883-3900 ext. 3286

PO Box 77400

425 Phillips Blvd

Ewing NJ


These criminals will be prosecuted if enough people continue to aggressively voice their complaints. Be active and pursue this company.

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I have paid more than my monthly payment since TBW transferred the loan and they have not reported this to my credit score. Also, I just found out today that they have not credited my account......very frusrated I will be spending Black Friday dealing with CENLAR -


Same story as all of you, have been on time and proving payments for two years. Have sent several Certified Letters with proof of payments.

Still getting defalt letters. I have just filed a complaint with the Federal Office of Thrift Supervisor.

I will continue to file complaints until the issue is resolved. I AM READY FOR CLASS ACTION!


i am paying my mortgage religiously to cenlar ever since they took hold of the servicing. i did not have problems until they got in the show.

all my payments cleared my bank. however, most of my payments were lost/not credited to my account. just a week ago i got a notice of default. i called the customer service, which has no human skills at all, and she directed me to someone in the company, which in return directed me back to her.

i think it is time to band together and start a class action lawsuit. let me know if you folks have started already, and i'll join the group.


james b

starting to wonder about the legitimacy of alot of things alot of us complaining and not much action.


Cenlar refused to credit payments, refused the Notice to Cancel, refused to call back and did not report true interest only payments to IRS. Sent the refi to a new servicer and they continued the same predatory lending practices. Ticked

Reason enough for a lawsuit.

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