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Cenlar is using scare tactics and threatening the general Public. I took offense to the 2ND,3rd,4th letters stating I only had days before I might loose my rights not to have an escrow for taxes. Especially, since I'd already mailed a copy of my paid taxes. I called, verified, was told all was fine.

Then Another letter deadline and threat....Had local tax office fax. I called Cenlar 2 more times...still no fax, no record of paid taxes!

The US mail doesn't work, faxes don't work, calls just seem to fall on deaf ears...It wasn't till I told them I would and I did today send them Certified Return Receipt VIA the US PO for legal Class Action and Personal reasons, did I obtain the following information.....

Cenlar REAL Contacts 866-224-0136(ask for customer service "Aaron" or personnel in NJ) Fax ALL documents to ATT: Aaron (609)-718-1606 or call Trenton,NJ (609)718-2432.

425 Phillips Blvd

Ewing, NJ 08628

Respectfully Submitted,

Christine (

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I get calls from (609)718-2432 that hang up as soon as I answer. I do have a mortgage with Cenlar. Are the two things related?

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