Charlotte, North Carolina

I am trying to buy a house that has been sitting for sale for 2 years. I have been watching it the whole time, and had even been in contact with the owner.

The house was out of my price range at first, but after a tornado hit it, and the owner filed foreclosure, it went under short sale and had a price within my price range. I made an offer OVER the asking price, outbidding the other people that were interested. Cenlar told my real estate agent that an offer would stop the foreclosure process, but after they received my offer they didn't stop the process. Now the house is in foreclosure with a starting bid $14000 LESS THAN what I offered.

What the *** Cenlar? Not only are you a bunch of liars but are you just plain *** too?? So then I decide to read some reviews about Cenlar, and have not found a good one yet.

They must really pride themselves on customer service...

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Westport, Connecticut, United States #590146

cenlar is under investigation and will b prosecuted due to bad deals on modification loans ,I modified my house 7 years ago and everything went well ,payed my payment for 6 months and then got a letter with my check attached stating that it wasnt the correct amount and that i needed 200 more each month ...WELL I was totally pissed and went to a lawyer and he investigated this CENLAR which is a fraud company so right now my home is on hold .....My lawyer is sewing them for fraud so if anyone has this company i suggest that you contact some legal advice before they foreclose on your home for no reason can make your payments and all of a sudden they decide its not enough ? what mortgage co does that ??????? PEOPLE DONT GET SCREWED OUT OF YOUR HOME AND YOUR MONEY

to in the dark #851159

Who is investigating CENLAR? I have them in my mortgage and they told me to be behind on my mortgage in order to be modified.

Now I am in foreclosure.

Any help would be great

Connecticut here too!


Cenlar is a subservicer and does not any loans as such only the Investor who holds the paper must approve the offer. The foreclosure sale woukd only be stopped if there was an accepted offer.


after all those necative comments,i do have to say Cenlar its great in its dealings with me,and i am a long time customer with them thanks wilma leuty

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