Kalamazoo, Michigan

Last year cenlar took it upon itself to escrow my taxes and insurance to be able to do so, they increased my monthly payment from 273.00 to 833.00 dollars per month. They claimed that I was behind in my taxes and insurance so they got into my checking and setup an automatic withdraw for the 833.00.

I had to pay a fee to my bank to stop payments. I've been making payments over my scheduled payments but they don't provide no statements of payments or balance of escrow of mortgage. I also submitted my complaint to better business. They addressed it but it was not much they could do.

What I am worry about somewhere it the future I will totally find my mortgage in foreclosure. I have checked website and apparently several complaints have been filed against Cenlar for similar activities.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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interested in anyone that is in forclosure

and defending right against CENLAR ownership of loan



TB&W had approval to access my checking acct. For a set monthly mortgage payment (30 year fixed loan).

That included tax escrow NOT insurance, which was paid by the condominium association, included in my condo fees). this had been continuing over six years. after receiving a notice that Cenlar had taken over and nothing would change, they raided my checking account without my knowledge and no notification. my usual monthly payment od $833.00 went to $2,000!

I didn't find out until I received my bank statement. by that time, they had taken another $2,000

Payment. when I contacted them, they said they had no record of insurance. I was instructed to fax it several times to different fax.

Umbers. finally I sent it certified mail, return receipt requested. Then I was told they needed those records all the way back years before they took over from TBW. Meanwhile, they not only did not return the thousands they took from my checking account, they upped my mortgage payoff by $10,000!

I could not even transfer to another mortgage company. I retained and paid for an attorney. he got no response from his letters and calls. Cenlar calls me five or six times a month before my payment is due.

Since 2003' I have never missed a payment. I am being harassed by them as if I have defaulted. They returned finally some of my money, but not all. I am exhausted trying together this straightened out.

It has been going on for over two years. someone needs to stop the criminal activities conducted by this company.


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