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Clearly this compan is commiting fraud against there costumers'. CENLAR has put me in delenquency in which I have outstanding credit.

Not any more! Because of the thievery of this company. CENLAR stated I havent sent 5 payments to them. Those payments were cashed in from CENLAR several times thru the bank.

I only send cashier payments thru a bank and truely believe there mad about. this. Therefore, Cenlar sent back a cashier payment for Febuary 2017 in May 2017 because they wanted $50.00 added. Also, CENLAR sent me a remittance reversal check for reseson I don't know.

They have no explination of why they sent it. If they think I'm a fool to cash such a thing,.They better think twice. No dummy here! I do not talk to such idiots at CENLAR because it will not do any good.

Best bet is to contact the BBB in your state. New Jersy BBB is no tpe of help nor of any assitance. When it comes to them you will most definatly you get the run arounds. Contact you Attorney Generals office by submitting every documents to support your complaints and they will be on it.

I made sure I Kept all mail from them since my loan was first sold off to them. Be sure to send your cotracts as well. By me being single and a first time home buyer they thought they can get over on me.

I'm from the SHOW ME state. " I can show them better than I can tell with an attorney representive.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I too am being pushed around by CENLAR on PMI removal. I have sent letters, emails, contacted the mortgage originator all to no avail.

I do not even get a response to tell me to be patient or some other lie. And as usual, we had no choice in the mortgage funding.

My mortgage was done through a much more competent lender who of course sold it off to CENLAR. I was in the process of trying to find a phone number when I ran across this site and saw that I am not the only poor sucker.

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