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I am a customer service rep at Cenlar Mortgage company and deal exclusively with the Taylor, Bean & Whitaker acquisition. I have commented here to set the record straight so listen up!

The loans we agreed to service from TBW (over 270,000) are Freddie Mac loans which basically means a good portion of the borrowers should not have qualified for any type of credit, let alone a mortgage. TBW went bankrupt due to government pressure to originate loans to stimulate our ailing economy. The result? Tons of borrowers defaulting on their motgages.

When the acuisition was finalized and we received these loans, many of them were disasters waiting to happen. Unforseen problems began to arise such as missed insurance payments, wrong mailing addresses, etc. which of course adversely affect the borrower. During the first weeks, these problems may be few and far between; then they begin to "snowball" causing changes in the manner they are resolved.

In a notrmal customer service position at Cenlar, the emeployee receives 6-8 weeks of in depth training. New hires received only 1 week and we were hiring 30-40 people weekly into the second week of this acuisition, extended our hours until midnight and to include Saturdays.

We bust our humps and bend over backwards to accomodate these TBW customers, explaining in detail what you need to do to resolve your issue and why there is a problem. Wee are met with ignorance, rudeness, contempt and even threats wit every other phone call.

I am a single mother of three and was unemployed from October 2008 to August 2009. Whe I was offered this position I jumped on it so my kids could eat everyday, and forced to walk in my shoes, I can bet you would do the same.

I have been in the customer service field for decades and take great pride in making my customers feel important and secure while being courteous and sympathetic. I am also a homeowner myself and have dealt with servicing transfers and problems with my mortgage. Not once have I ever been as unforgiving, relentlessly berrating or abusive to any representative who takes my calls.

You people criticizing Cenlar and our customer service team should take a step back and re-evaluate your behavior, change your tone and learn to develope some patience. We don't have all the answers, but we will pursue the problem, retrieve an answer and in doing so, maintain an aire of professionalism and courtesy. Shame on you all for your complaints. You make it that much more difficult to come into work and put a smile in my voice. You make it that much more difficult to "leave my work at work" and enable me to come home to my children happy for a job well done.

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What you so broadly paint was not true in my case. I worked at AT&T for 39.5 years and made good money when I refinanced my home after divorce.

When I retired in 2007 my income dropped and TBW notified me that I qualified for a Home Modification, even though I had never been late. Two days before I was to go to a Notary to sign the Modification TBW was closed down and I was sent to Cenlar. Cenlar should have completed the Modification, but rather required that I start the process All over again. After about 4 months Cendlar notified me that yes I did qualify for a Modification but they would not be completing it.

Cellar indicated to me that Freddie Mack instructed them to send me to OCWEN LLC and Cellar assured me that OCWEN would wrap up the Modification quickly. This never happened , accordingly about 7 months later I filed a Law suit in California Superior Court in PRO Per as I also have a Juris Doctorate in Law while I worked at AT&T. A law firm answered the suit saying they were representing OCWEN and also Freddie Mack and then moved the case to Los Angeles Federal Court as Freddie Mack is a Federal entity. I filed a motion to dismiss as Freddie Mack and Fannie May was declared incompetent in 2008 by president Bush and Only the US Attorney General would be able to defend them not this private law firm.

At that time they agreed to settle the matter and I received my deserved Modification.

More recently I used my Veterans Benefits to get a better 30 year fix loan at 3.25%. I am sure there are many other people that were in similar positions that were not as fortunate as I was.


You should be ashamed of your company. I work in customer service and have for years.

I have never in my life experienced such a rude unhelpful group of people in my life. There is a reason there are so many complaints on your company, because they are true.

I don't know you and didn't work with you directly so I don't know how your service is personally but the people I was in contact with that company, two which were supervisors had no professionalism about them. Hope you guys sell my loan and move the heck on.

Raymond A

I just retired from AT&T in 2007. Taylor Bean re-evaluted my situation and agreed that I deserved a home modification.

Two days before it was going to be signed the government closed them down. I was sent to CENLAR who instead of approving the modification made me re-apply. After 3-4 months they said I qualified, but that Freddie Mac told them to send me to OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC, that they would finish the modification. OCWEN Loan Servicing had been part of OCWEN Bank and OCWEN Bank had been shut down for fraud.They did not approve the modification and stalled me for many months until I missed a payment.

Then they said I wasn't qualified. I have a Law Degree but never practiced law and I filed a suit against Freddie Mac and OCWEN Loan Serving LLC in pro per. Ultimately we settle the matter and I received a modification that chaged my monthly payments from about $2200 per month to $1541.06 a month.

CENLAR should have acted sooner as this took more than a year to complete.


Nice to accuse 270,000 people of not being able to afford their loans. I think having a 20% down payment and making all monthly payments on time means I can afford my loan.

I gave Cenlar time to get their *** together. 3 years later, they still don't have it together.

In the beginning they didn't pay our taxes.

Now they figured out how to pay our taxes, but they are accusing us of being late on our payments by 50%. We have paid bi-weekly ever since we were with TB&W, Cenlar told us we could continue paying bi-weekly...and now all of a sudden, they are telling us we are not set up to pay bi-weekly. How could that be when for THREE YEARS we have paid you every two weeks?!!!?

We have tried to talk to the CSR's about it and they haven't helped us.

I will not be accused of not paying my bills, I will not lose my house because of the incompetency of another company, nor will I let down on them until they figure it out.

Too bad it has to start with the CSR - just start forwarding us to your supervisor, they are more fun to yell at anyway!


wow this is 2012 (i just read this) and nothing has changed ill never get off your back people need to read the updated info on loan servicer abuse...


The last thing I'll do is get off Cenlar's back until they get off mine. My back being the one that has been honest, making each and every payment since TBW and CENLAR, and making overpayments each month - still to be told that my Aug 2009 payment was never paid.

Now being told that my mortgage is in "default" (in quotations, because it is NOT, and I am working on getting an attorney now to prove so since my bank records aren't apparently good enough for this company as proof) and since trying to resolve this issue, I have been met with the same contempt and exact same issues since beginning this whole circus in 2010, even though CENLAR's Loan Research Department sent me a history of my loan showing each payment in full and on time. Here we go again - starting with incessant phone calls and a letter saying that my payment is behind. I have no pity for this mess of a company and its bad business. I do feel sorry for the customer service reps that don't realize yet that they're working for a company who seeks to antagonize, fraud, scam, and try to manipulate their customers into re-paying on payments, insurance, and escrow that they've already made payments on.

I sure hope that enlightens you to the reality of the situation. Oh and by the way - you are wrong in assuming that TBW went out of business because or related to having customers with mortgages that they can't pay.

You may want to research the real reason TBW is gone - they were under investigation for fraud, as your company should be. They are bankrupt for their own practices.


Notice she didn't leave her full name, direct phone number, or mailing address . .


I requested the name of the Cenlar rep I spoke to yesterday and she responded, "Ms. White".

Jeez, don't you have a 1st name too? All letters from Cenlar never end with the individuals contact information or name.


Just because you took a job with this *** company doesn't mean that every one working there is a great employee and it doesn't mean they are a good, honest company. I resent the fact that you say people from TB&W have bad credit.

I have excellent credit so that is not why I had a loan through them. Also, they charged us more for our payoff when we sold the house than what we owed when we filed taxes last year. How did that happen? NEVER missed a payment now was ever late on a payment.

Now they have $8300.00 of MY house insurance money and won't give it back even though the loan is paid in full.

You attacking people saying they have bad credit just goes to show you are as bad as the rest of the people who work for Cenlar. We are just hard working people like you trying to take care of our families and getting ripped off by your company.


CENLAR has a rating of F from the BBB. It's well deserved as I personally have never seen such atrocious and amatuerish business practices in a long, long time. Asking for SSN's in unsecured emails, not paying homeowners policies, and generally making themselves unavailable.

This is the third time, after having my Homeowners policy dropped due to no-payment, that I've had to call them (in India) to complain. My home's been uninsured nearly a month.

To the customer service rep that wrote that nonsensical tirade about lowly customers that cannot, and should not be bothering her because they shouldn't own a home anyway, I make 6 figures and your service still sucks! :( :roll


I am not a TBW customer and this company still has bad customer service. If banks all over service freddie mac loans why can't i chose who i want to service the loan?

They suposidly finally paid my homeowners insurance. Three weeks ago they updated my insurance on there website so i know they got the bill.

They even put the new due date as if they paid it, but they didn't. I had to call twice, and email twice in order for them to finally pay it.


I was transfered to them when my local bank switched to a different company. Three weeks ago on cenlar website my homeowners insurance was updated so they received the bill however it hasn't been paid yet.

It's due in two days. I called friday, emailed yesterday. If they don't pay it i'm gonna refiance with someone more competant.

Oh how i wish my tax dollars didn't go to bail out Freddie Mac. I think this company is in bed with them.


NannyBug,Oh you poor woman! You took the job now live with it.

Your kids are out of the house if you have been doing this for decades! You are one of the rude people that work there and just because Taylor Bean Whitaker went bankrupt does not mean that they took bad loans! It means they were possibly dealing with people that had high incomes,maybe lost their jobs, that could just possibly own more than one home, which seems to be hard for Cenlar phone debt collector to comprehend the difference from primary home to vacation home. Cenlar phone representatives don't even read what has been sent to the customers.

They ask the most idiotic questions which indicates that they have NOT been trained on the print material being sent out to customers! They have been trained to deal with rudeness from customers ( that it is not personal) they have been trained to continue the conversation, they have been trained to intimidate customers over the phone by stating that the call is being recorded ( shoot you can't even read prior notes so how in the world are you going to find a recording of a phone call!), they have been trained to not let the phone call be longer than so many minutes, trained to pressure to get the money,trained to read from a script. I would not do this job for $8 an hour, no way and in India it's probably $1 an hour. I respect that but the company's rudeness, harassment, lack of knowledge on process of options, calling late at night, expecting customers to know their area code phone number, not having caller ID.

Come on woman, come up with a better sob story. You took the job, and I will put a dollar down that you rent and have never owned a home or it went into foreclosure and your ex-husband dealt with it all. Well welcome to the single life, baby!

As far as FedUp, please homeowners know what a 30 year commitment means, we know what should be in a statement, we know a statement should be mailed every month.

But apparently the document you refer to is so full of this and that that some extension of government agrees with the public and wants those lengthy documents to be in "layman's" terms and to make the contract a couple of pages long, instead of initial here at the bottom of the next 30 pages. I bet you have never owned a home either.

You don't have to care about your customer's loans or even those you know. Just do everyone a favor find another job.


Well now it seems they teach their customer service reps to lie. In india they have an

excuse...they don't speak English. Here

there is no excuse. So. I doubt that the customer service reps that commented in this

forum are really customer service reps...

Just experts on deceit. Our TBW loan was

never a feddie mac loan. We just had the

bad luck of being bought out by TBW and Cenlar. My case is simple. Homeowners insurance which was supposed to be paid out

of escrow lapsed...due to Cenlar sending my money to pay someone elses insurance in another state. We paid it out of pocket but

keep hearing lies and deceit. I am filing

civil and criminal charges this week. Going

to have the CEO of Cenlar served with papers

at 3 I get a response then....


Raymond A

In 2009 I had a TBW mortgage. I was current with my payments but due to retirement and unforseen water damage to the home, I had a debt problem.

TBW said that I qualfied for an Obama Made Afforable modification. I received a new loan number but it did not take effect being two days short of compleation.I was sent to CENLAR and they took 3 months and determine that I did in fact qualify for the Modification. They told me that they didn't do modifications and that Freddie Mac told them to send my application to OCWEN for compleation.

CENLAR lied to me since they do give Obama HAMP modifications and today you can verify this fact on CENLAR's web site! CENLAR, OCWEN and FREDDIE MAC have UNCLEAN HANDS, since I am still waiting for the modification, this is my view and my story!


Feeling just as frustrated as, well it seems, as everyone else on this site. I have had it with the lies, and the running around my questions. I fax, call, mail paperwork every other day for these people to correct the situation and now I've had it. This is the EXACT same problem we are I feel for you....

Written by NL Sheridan, on 29-04-2010 12:38

This Cenlar rep is wrong in my case. I put 30% down on my house, have excellant credit, never been late on a mortgage payment in 43 yrs. These people have been charging me double on hazard insurance and everytime I give them proof, they blow me off and ask for more paperwork.


This Cenlar rep is wrong in my case. I put 30% down on my house, have excellant credit, never been late on a mortgage payment in 43 yrs. These people have been charging me double on hazard insurance and everytime I give them proof, they blow me off and ask for more paperwork.

This CenLar outfit is a scam and I for one am filing with the Texas Attorney General this next week 5/1/2010


Not sure why Cenlar Reps are on here saying that all the former TBW borrowers are late with payments, defaulting on their loans, etc...But I have never missed a payment in all of my years being in this house. And for, the last 2-4 months, even though I am being forced to pay more money to Cenlar, I'm still on time with my payments.

It has nothing to do with "Not being able to understand our loans" either.

People typically know when they are being ripped off. I know I do.


am a customer service rep at Cenlar Mortgage company and deal exclusively with the Taylor, Bean & Whitaker acquisition. I have commented here to set the record straight so listen up!

The loans we agreed to service from TBW (over 270,000) are Freddie Mac loans which basically means a good portion of the borrowers should not have qualified for any type of credit, let alone a mortgage. TBW went bankrupt due to government pressure to originate loans to stimulate our ailing economy. The result? Tons of borrowers defaulting on their motgages.

This could not be any more of a lie if the devil himself spoke it to me in my living room right now.....And I'd call him a liar, too.

I have NEVER been late with my mortgae payment, NEVER missed, NEVER decline payment, NEVER cancelled payment, NEVER caused any problems whatsoever with keeping up on my loan. I will not back down from filing complaints, calling my lawyer and keeping him updated and continue updated the good people at the BBB until Cenlar just doesn't exist. So, before you go on your little rant about about great this company is...consider all the people your "wonderful" company has already thrown out of the houses/homes they have been in for years and years.


O.K....EVERYONE RELAX. Here's what everone needs to do:

1) Cenlar: Hire american / english speaking customer service reps. DO NOT OUT-SOURCE YOUR EMPLOYMENT TO INDIA!!!!...dont think I dont know about that. Own your words people...and stick to it.

2) Customer: Once (if your lucky) you obtain an american / english speaking rep, be patient, take a deep breath, relax. Receive all contact information including extension. Get a supervisors name and contact info. And keep calling. If you are still not satisfied...ask to be refinanced with same loan conditions to a different bank...YES!! is possible.


NannyBug & Fed Up, I forgot to add that I have never been rude or disrespectful to the numerous Non-English speaking Cenlar reps, even though my patience has been tested over & over again

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