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I too was sent to Cenlar when TBW folded. Six months or so after Cenlar took over I recieved a letter saying I was one month behind. I knew that cause TBW never cashed my last payment. Easy fix money was still in the bank, wrote new check.

Fees, I am not going to pay the online fee or phone fee, I mail a check with the provided payment coupon book which by the way comes with pre addressed mailing labels , (nice touch Cenlar), this service is FREE.. Yes my payment went up, cause the property taxes and insurance go up every year. On a FIXED rate mortgage the monthly payment does not go up or down. What drives your monthly payment up or down is taxes and insurance. Want to lower your payment the only real thing you can do is shop for lower property insurance, just becareful lower insurance cost does not mean lower coverage. So quit whining and suing, and manage your mortgage properly. GREAT JOB CENLAR!!!!

For those of you who are still not satisfied,,, refinance your mortgage with a different company.

If your payment nearly doubled it is most likely caused by the terms of your mortage. Remember CENLAR is bound by the original terms of your mortgage as well as any other company that may end up with it.

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I under stand that you have not had an issue but don't blame others thinking the company doesn't make mistakes. My payments are escrowed lie the majority last year money wad taken to pay my hazard insurance a payment that never got there because that my insurance got cancelled.

Evenyhough they stated they sent letters about this we did not receive we found out a year later we had no insurance and now fighting with them because now they want to charge us $2025 for hazard insurance. We got insurance and sent them all the information and that payment of $628 was also taken out.

The Customer service is a joke when requested to speak with supervisor the supervisor refused to speak no ome offered to help find a resolution. This company is awful and I have reported them to the bureau of consumer protection.


My payment went up too, but that is because CENLAR Paid my Hazard Insurance twice, oh yes and did I mention they also put Forced Placed Insurance on my account too? I disputed my property taxes and got those lowered and I have been trying to get a refund from my Insurance company but now the insurance company is stating that my refund went back to CENLAR!

Well what did CENLAR do with that check? Oh that's right, THEY CASHED IT! But did they credit my Mortgage? Who the *** KNOWS!


Great customer service. My insurance company is now taking all the information I have given then and going after CENLAR for the Refund and trying to get my $808 dollars back.


Well good for you, I am glad you are soooo lucky. Trust me we have tried to refinance, but CENLAR does not participate in the HAMP or HARP Programs so unless your house is NOT underwater from the housing bubble, it is next to impossible to refinance away from them.

So nice try. I had no complaints with them in the beginning it has just been the past 5 months, where my payments have been misapplied, taken from the incorrect account, checks have been cashed but not posted to my account, paying the incorrect escrow bill, putting on Forced Placed Insurance when I have faxed, mailed, and emailed my proof of insurance multiple times. I always get a Customer Service Agent in India who cannot understand english and can only read from a script or give me the exact same information I can obtain online. I recently sent in the SHORTAGE AMOUNT that they wanted for my escrow account.

They have the money and they have applied it and cashed my check.

HOWEVER they did not adjust my payment to reflect that I paid the shortage. That is my current problem with CENLAR.


You must be another cenlar employee.... :?

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