Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Much the same as the other reviews. Mortgage was sold to Cenlar - unfortunately - then we tried to refi with them.

A laundry list of complaints including: MULTIPLE people to talk to (sharing sensitive information like DOB and SSN), they can't get our auto draft payments straight then threaten with penalties, won't call back, archaic website, deficient escrow (which will result in us making a payment later this year) AND a different payment than what was originally agreed to which is much less attractive after going through the hassle they've put us through!!

BUYER BEWARE: RUN LIKE THE DEVIL from them! I will NEVER, EVER use them again and will likely refi again JUST to get away from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Reason of review: NOTHING.

Cenlar Pros: Good interest rates.

Cenlar Cons: Gave 1 star because no zero option, Terrible customer service.

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