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So here is the details. I called them because I had not received my new mortgage number.

I was told no problem no account coming over would be charged late fees this month due to the transition. well I did get my account number from Citibank and went in a created my account with Cenlar. I made a payment on Nov. 8th and it did clear my account on the 13th.

Then they attempted to take another payment out on the 14th, was declined as I had insufficient funds due to the 13th's payment, then a reversal came in the 14th due to this. on the 15th they took another automatic payment out of my account? How they are able to do this without my consent is beyond me. then to top it off no communication was ever sent out with regards to any of this?

Really? also they just assumed that second payment would be applied to my December payment. How they decided what to do with my money is anyone's guess. So noticing this I called customer support, first the rep had a very nasty attitude even before I was even into my explanation, I attempted to explain this to her and my answer was we had 144000 people come over this month and this is not our fault.

WTF are you kidding? So she transferred me to a manger who said the same thing, its not our fault ! again a nasty attitude and very unwilling to help. If this is indicative of what their Management is like then I get the reason why the reps are like this.

they have been conditioned to say it's not the banks fault. well lack of communication is exactly your fault. I was not looking to blame anyone but seriously. In this day and age this is the customer support motto, "it's not our fault" Senior management must be really bad.

they are probably getting 144000 calls of how they botched this transition.

So long and short, Yes it is your fault and it is ridiculous that your call center is rude and has an attitude.

Also your fault for lack of communication that automatic payments will continue the same as with Citibank. So I bet the interest on the extra payment is not going to my mortgage and think the IRS might be interested in this company....

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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other then CFPB to whom can you complain? they are charging me bogus fees doing needless redundant property inspections . i wont budger


Cenlar reps will just flat out LIE to you. They will tell you your new account will be a certain amount then they will charge you 200.00 more...They LIED to us 3 times about this, I will tell everyone I can to not use these people......George Holland.




Am owed almost four thousand dollars from this crooks - can't get a human on the phone. Was on hold for THREE hours - given fax number of "research" department -NO RESPONSE. They are quick to yank that money out but SLOW to give it back!


Same here and my payment went up as well over $200 a month. I did get ahold of them finally they said taxes went up and I was short.

I went and got all my tax paperwork and my taxes did not go up. I called them back they said I was wrong and got the wrong tax papers and they cannot show me the paperwork on there end to prove it.

Worst company I have ever dealt with. They are corrupt and stealing liars.


Im having the same issue. No account number, etc.

Finally saw an auto payment come through $50 higher, probably charging me a fee for their mistake. I cant get through to them for the past two days.

I blame Citi as well for this mess. Just horrible all around.


It's happening to almost everyone who was switched over unwittingly from CitiMortgage. This company should be investigated and prosecuted. It's absolutely unethical and abhorrent business procedure.


Experienced same issue with automatic payment , account never transfer as informed via letter .

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