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HAFA short sales are supposed to be quite painless once a decent offer arrives, but we lost 2 different buyers because Cenlar refused to accept the terms of the HAFA shortsale. They were offered a small percentage by the first lien-holder and demanded the full amount and threatened to hound us until the home went into foreclosure stating that they "didn't have to agree to anything".

If the foreclosure happened, they would never get a penny. As it turned out, we had to hire an expensive attorney to do all of the communication because a witch named Wendy Vanderheyden in the New Jersey main branch who is supposed to be working towards a "settlement", refused to help us and demanded the entire amount of money! Finally we gave up and offered these pigs HALF! It broke us.

They finally agreed but were very troublesome through the process. We were LUCKY to sell the home to another investor, but Cenlar nearly ruined the entire deal. They needlessly dragged it on for 14 months, continued to mail us statements AFTER the settlement, and we still are not certain if they ever bothered to correctly report to the 3 credit agencies. Stay away from Cenlar.

They are dangerous and SHOULD be shut down.

I hope the worst happens to them.

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