Clemson, South Carolina

Let me know if you are interested. I will contact attorneys and all that need to be done.

Contact me at if you are interested. These people have got to be stopped immediately. They have cheated and stole from so many people. Creating hazardous insurance no one requested.

Escrow being short, when it is not. This is illegal and unless and until we, as a group, do something they will continue with the illegal acts they aree committing.

Please think about it and contact everyone you know that has Cenlar and tell them to contact me. I will get the ball rolling.

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Just called the office of Shane Mendennall and was told they are no longer investigating this case, so dead end folks. I too thing it odd that a mortgage company requires additional insurance when you already have home owners insurance.


File a complaint against Cenlar with the Office of Thrift Supervision in Washington, DC, your states attorney General Office, and your state bank commissioner. I guarantee your issue will magically be resolved within 30-45 days.

For those that can't afford their mortgage go to and print out the HAMP application & mail it to Cenlar Certified Mail. Help is out there


We have been through *** and back with Cenlar. After my husband lost his job and after he finally found another one making much less money we nearly catch up all payments minus 2.

We tried to work with them, tried repayments, tried remodification and working with Loss Mit, and calls, faxes, emails, snail mail. Only to just get notice of foreclosure. I am in shock with this company. They say keep constant contact but that didn't help.

They lost our first re mod application after going back and fourth for over 8 months. And then I finally get another one in and all requested documents and they say they have everything and reviewing and then we get a foreclosure notice with nothing about the re mod we put in for.

Just at my wits end! I hope you nail their bums to the floor.!

christine H

609)718-2432 Trenton, NJ

(609)718-1606 fax "Aron"

Real USA customer service, only took 2 letters 15 faxes, 8 calls threatening legal action. Finally sending today certified return receipt letter from PO to be able to persue CLASS ACTION due to being threatened over escrow account.


I'm working on my resolution with CENLAR. I will gladly join a class-action if they refuse to rectify the problem.

I will always support the class-action either way.

Please keep me informed. Email is


This is I have contact an attorney, who has already begun getting documents and client together for a class action against CENLAR.

Several of you have e-mailed me. I contacted him because I know he has already begun gathering information. He has requested that everyone interested in getting involved in a class action lawsuit against CENLAR - that you write a brief statement of the problems and/or illegal procedures that CENLAR has taken against you and your account and e-mail it to him at His name is Shane Mendenhall.

Telephone No. 217-429-4296. I am sending his my information this weekend.

Everyone - get to this and let's stop this before it gets worse. Any questions e-mail me.

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