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My loan was transferred from TBW to Cenlar a couple of months back. I did get a notice. The monthly amount they want me to pay is greater than it should be. I have tried to get hold of them, but I cannot get any body to respond to my numerous mails. I have also tried to call them on the number listed. The phone is busy or gets disconnected after you enter your information. I have also sent communications via their web site. I get repeated automated responses saying that they are too busy.

How can a company do business cutting off communication from its customers?


Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

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If you are so *** pissed at this company- YOU OWN THE LOAN DUMBA$$- REFINANCE...


You need to understand that they are workers who come in and deal with harassing customers all the time. Cenlar may not be that great of a company, but that is not the customer service reps fault.

They are working their *** off and taking calls by people who moan and complain as if THEY personally caused the problem. But that's what this world has come to, all you hear is a voice on the phone and you think you can curse them and threaten them. Do you like being threatened? Do you get cursed at repeatedly when you are trying to do your job??

Why don't you think about that before you get on the phone and b@#%% at someone who is just trying to do there job. FYI- you get more bees with honey...


I have been trying to get someone from customer service to call me for 15 days now. I have sent 5 emails.

Nothing. Not even an email saying they could not answer my question.


I just found out today that Cenlar does not report your on time mortgage payments to Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. If you want your most important payment counted on your credit report I would suggest you look for another loan service provider. I will be refinancing as soon as possible!


If anyone has an insurance claim on their home - good luck getting it fixed as Cenlar will NOT sign off on the insurance check and wants to control all the money up front even to paying the roofer for a roof from hail....then they will decide if this is what they want to do in the meantime a lawsuit will be filed by roofer because payment was not made on time, this is one huge scam another political screw-up! No new roof, no check signed, insurance closed the claim.

Unbelievable!!! Will refi if can be done....

@Tissed in Colorado

Hope you refinanced...people who work customer service jobs get people like you B----ing at us all the time. Leave- we are sick of your ***...


I have been frustrated will Cenlar, as well. I have sent SEVERAL emails to their loan administration and CS department, all to no avail.

Just automated responses. I called a couple numbers from their mailer and the website. BUSY, BUSY and BUSY. I did find a number from one of the other articles on THIS site and IT WORKED.

800 223 6527. I spoke with a LIVE, ENGLISH speaking guy; he was very helpful and solved my problem. Not sure if this will work for all, but it is worth a shot.

Good Luck to all! :) Have a good day.

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