Cumberland, Rhode Island
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Where I live, I have to pay a fire district tax. When I bought the house, the documents I was given implied that this tax would be part of my mortgage payment and that my loan company was to pay it.

I have owned the house for 4 years and I have to fight with them every year after many phone calls and penalty charges. After two years, they paid the tax and then upped my mortgage payment.

Again, I have been fighting them to pay this. I have even written on the letters I send, "Please look into this and make sure that it gets paid OR that you tell me there’s a problem. You have raised my mortgage payments twice, yet I don’t see why if you are paying my taxes."

The last phone call I made, I was told "We do not pay fire taxes that are separate from the city tax."

My response, "Why didn't someone tell me this three years ago????!!!" I have another $150 penalty!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I too have been a victim of South Federal Savings and Loans with dba funding Fannie Mae Freddie Mac/MGC/Cenlar/LLP LLC/Property Assistance/Beal Bank Plano TX using Ewing NJ I was a Public School TeacherFederal/State Level & was assaulted in Sept. 2006 inner city schools It was very bad & was 12 hours from dying.They did open heart surgery on me Dec 7 2006 with complications.

In January 7 I was out of the hospital on a pic line 4 x day IV /Wound Vac & was on it for 4 months. I was in CHF when this place did a fraud loan at 9% interest they said in May. I was too sick to see that it was fraud from get go. No Appraisal &faked income by the Company Coast to Coast.

Though I kept telling him I did not know what my income would be I was too stick as the breadwinner to know anything with short term disability but this man was a sharpshooter. They started trying to foreclose on my family home before the ink was signed. 2008/2011/ now 2016/2017 & we were making the payments. I promised my deceased mother & father/my only deceased son/ car wreck/ whose blood insurance paid on the 1st mortgage as did my mom who is deceased that I would protect our home as she lived next door passing last year at 85 years old on the day to vote for from massive stroke.

I cry & cry realizing what was done the last 11 years to my husband & I as he is a Viet Nam Vet. They trying to foreclose again & keep sending back my good checks. When we ask how much we owe we never get a clar answer only that we will never pay it off as they have set it up to close in flipping houses. The amount to pay it is still always the same from the Signee implicated in Illinois Deposition also forged ours.

Never a payment booklet, of interest paid, or principal paid not from the start. We took out bankruptcy, chpt 13 & chtp 13 but now that I can somewhat think as I want Justice. When we signed for the loan those documents on file with Probate Court they are Fraudulent. They were substituted from the originals documents.

I have an attorney but I want Justice now.

I never got it for my son, my parents, my brother Law Enforcement, or me a beat up inner city school teacher who they made me pay my own BCBS to stay alive why my husband sought relief and he wasn't even on the deed. This is a Forged Fraudulent Mess & as a Christian I just want to keep my promises & keep the lands and homes as I promised my parents & all have left me for grandchildren, great grandchildren security.

to Anonymous #1343182

I pray we get help on this in our State as 4th -5th Generation. I seen documentation that in 2007 FBI 60 % of the loans hit an all time high of Lenders Fraud, Deceptive Lending Practices, Appraisal Fraud, & Income Fraud, & I was so sick when I realized what was done.

I just didn't couldn't think on a pic line IV 4 x day & wound vac on my left leg with hospice in 2007. Had I been in my right mind no not even remotely, I never would have signed a loan of any kind with crooked wording at 9 1/2 percent almost 10% doubling amount borrowed. The papers were substituted looking at court documents I clearly saw that. No booklet no amount financed, no nothing of finance charges, just now finding out Plano, TX involved after us hanging on 10 years, interest/principal paid per year when it changed hands in servicing companies always billed the same amount over & over again except it kept increasing on how much we owed on the original loan.

Always trying to foreclose on our home. This is my family home where my children grew up, the hard work of clearing the property, of everything I went through when my son died, my father died, & me promising him that I would always tend to what he & my mother fought so hard to earn in land & homes, to get out of poverty, as mine was part of it. My mother & brother & my children & husband whose faces I still see on the day we buried my son. He had to ID him as Law Enforcement.

The Lost Trial Biggest one in the State on my son that broke me in every way without Justice Served. His case is still an Open Homicide cause the Jury let the ones responsible walk free. He was such a good boy just a child still. My mother & I were on the Deed Trust where she had total control at one point after it was paid off.

I did not know till this year 2017 as I fought to live what had been going on with our home always blaming my Viet Nam Vet Husband cause I had left him to do everything financial when I was so deathly sick the last 11 years, in Congestive Heart Failure after open heart surgery from Inner City School Assault in 2006, continually hospitalized from the lung by pass. I was on it 14 hours with permanent heart & lung damage seeing now the forgery/fraud/scam 2017 about the Coast to Coast dba National Funding Scam MGC/Cenlar BEAL/LLP LLC/Property Assistance Corp. Investigative Fraud Forgery Scams. But Now I pray we get JUSTICE just 1 time before I die in the courts a Victory Win for Inner healing so I heal & believe in the Justice System Again, I pray at 62 years of age to free my home from hostage, of what was done when I was too sick to understand anything & pray we Free our home from the hands of Crooks for this is absolutely one of the crooked deals of that year for sure.

I have only began to talk about the assault this year & confront all the wrongs that was done to me traumatically & this IS 1 of them! Signed Help & Hurt.

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