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I guess my old mortgage company filed bankruptcy and Cenlar took over control of my mortgage. They send me this letter say they will be servicing my mortgage and if I have any question either call my old company or them.

I try calling the number they provide for them and it does not work. I try calling my old company with the number they provided and it does not work. I try my old company with the numbers I have used in the past and they don't work. Now I'm getting worried.

I look Cenlar up in the web to get a different number. I call and get a help desk in India. They start asking me all these personnel question (for security reason - Ya right). About half way through I tell her that is enough with the question.

I want to know if they are for real. So she gives me the history of Cenlar (which is different than what I find on the web). Then I ask her about the switch. She gives me the same line which is in the letter they sent.

I then ask why the phone numbers THEY provided do not work. OH it takes time is her answer. OK you're supposed company is now control a major part of my life (home mortgage) and you don't have your stuff together?

I sure hope this works out. I guess I need to start looking at re-financing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I'm starting a class action against them, not to get even; but to bring them to justice and to stop them from the fraud. If you're interested, please contact me. Our goal is to have at least 100.


Cenlar took over my mortgage when Taylor, Bean went under and I have had nothing but problems. I would be most interested in joining this class action law suit.

You can't pay by phone, it doesn't work. I can't pay by internet, their site doesn't work either. If you mail your payment in, it takes at least 20 days for them to process it (therefore they get more interest). When I call, I get someone in India who wants all my private info (Soc security # and bank acct # and when I ask for someone in the US they say they will have someone call.

No one does and when I call back,I get the same center in India. These people are not interested in helping anyone and I am worried they are dishonest. It is a total nightmare!

Does anyone know who we can report this sham company to?


Cenlar took over our Mortgage loan when tbw went bankrupt a couple yrs ago. Recently we applied for a home equity loan through our credit union.

Our credit union noticed that Cenlar is not reporting to the credit reports. When we asked Cenlar why they gave us some reason about TBW still going through the bankruptcy. We refinanced ASAP!

That just doesn't sound right. I suggest everyone to refinance with a different company.


I have one for you. We closed on a short sale back in August of 2010 in Arizona. All the proper paperwork was done prior to the closing and Cenlar gave the ok for the closing.

Two weeks after the closing we received notices from Chase Bank that we were heading to foreclosure. We called Chase Bank and told them that we did not have a loan with them. They said "yes you do". We bought it from Cenlar. We told them we closed in August of 2010 on a Short sale and had the closing package that was overnighted after the closing. We have a letter that states that we are paid in full. Sorry but you are not and your house in going into foreclosure. We tell them, that we sold the house in a short sale. We were told that we did not have permission. We told them, that is between you and Chase. Now we have Chase and Cenlar reporting to the credit bureaus that we have two loans. It's a nightmare. I've been turned down for jobs because my credit is screwed up. We cannot even get an apartment.

Then we get a call from a collection agency stating that we owe 1475 for an insurance policy on a house that we do not owen. We tell the collection company we will send you the papers. We do that and find out that because it said Cenlar, they will not honor it. Our life is a nightmare and we cannot get either company to fix this mess. We turned it over to a lawyer who is working to get this mess cleared up but he said it will take a long time.


I have the exact opposite problem with CENLAR then most here. I DON't have an escrow account with them.

My loan say NO impounds. They acknowledge my loan says no impounds. They went and paid my homeowners insurance after I had already paid it. Now they are setting up an escrow account and want me to pay them for the homeowners insurance that I paid before it was due and before they paid it.

I've written them 3 times so far all with the same results - pay us the money for the insurance. I tried calling - what a waste of time calling India.

What a bunch of BS. I am now going to start reporting them to every agency I can think of.


Cenlar most likely has what is now a -B rating with the BBB for the simple reason that they are being flooded with complaints. 95% of these complaints are with TBW Customers.

From what I understand TBW jacked all their loans up and so now people are pissed at cenlar because they are having to jump their payments around to get them caught up.

PEOPLE if you don't like escrow payments then request in writing for them to close your escrow they may deny it though.

Also, for those who are saying cenlar did not apply payments to the balance causing three months to be behind. I am not even sure how anyone can let this slide for three months. If the first month payment did not apply then you have a right to dispute that after which they are not allowed to report it to the Credit Beuro.. If they did this then they have violated RESAP..can a law suit on from the person and HUD can be iniated. Damage awarded up to 1,000 Dollars plus damages and fees incurred from lawyers and other services to fix the problem that resulted.

No company is going to risk their rep that bad. In about 90% of the complaints about cenlar, it seems to me that people are not educated. I have not had one issue with them and I have been with them for 6 months now.. No escrow payments are applying monthly on time..So far this company is better then my old bank since now I can make payments online.


Are you kidding me? I didn't have an escrow account either when they took over my loan from TBW.

They set one up and said I owed all this $ to them even though I was paying my own taxes and insurance. It took me a year to get this straight. Well let me clarify, they still say I owe 1 cent on my escrow account and I can't get this straightened out either. Glad you can make payments on line because when I try,it just keeps asking for the same info over and over.

The phone payment system doesn't work either. So you're saying sue? Costs money, time and extreme frustration. This company does not seem to CARE about their reputation - have you read all the complaints on the internet?

They would be more accessible if they cared.

You can only talk to someone in India, who you can barely understand and you still get NO RESOLUTION.


I'm disgusted with CENLAR. My mortgage was transferred to CENLAR from TBW.

Their representatives are incompetent.

They told me FEMA requires me to have wind coverage, but we all know that FEMA only requires flood insurance. How the *** does a company like CENLAR stay in business?


Things still have not changed. Cenlar sent me a tax interest statement in January which they missed applying a month's payment.

They admitted the mistake and said they would send a corrected 1098 adding the additional interest. It is now past tax filing time and I have not received the new form.


They have been screwing with me as well since they took over my mortgage from TBW. I called to make sure I had enough in escrow before the end of the year so I could make an additional payment if necessary.

I was told "It looks like you have enough. You'll be fine." A month later they did an "annual" escrow account analyses. I owed $400 a month after being told I was fine. No one could help me when I called, and they said they would give me a new free analyses.

It NEVER came, and when I checked on line, it never shows they redid it as they said they would. So I ended up paying that. Two month later, they sent another one saying I owe more! I'm in for a class action suit.

Right now it looks as though I am going to have to pay $$$$ to refinance with Bank of America. I'm wondering how they chose which mortgages went to Bank of America and which went to Cenlar.

I have been a Bank of America customer for over a decade and would have loved for them to take over my mortgage. Now I have to pay to have it done.


I am having an issue with cenlar paying my school taxes. They were due in September 2009.

They are still not paid.

I have called 5 times. Asked to speak to supervisors and have been told none are available.


Sorry, I forgot to mention the company's name in my previous email, it is Cenlar, the one that took over TBW.


Dear Friends,

I am so happy to have this place to share our common concerns. I have been dealing with this company for four months and nobody was seriously dealing with my case. They owe me about ten thousand.

I have searched where we can find complaints, here is one of the places. Please call or email so Cenlar can be aware of the problems.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Consumer Complaints

Mortgage Glossary

* Mortgage and Lender Complaints: Federal and State Regulatory Agencies

* Sample Lender Complaint Letter

* File a Complaint: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)

* File a Complaint: The Federal Reserve Board

* File a Complaint: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

* File a Complaint: Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)

* File a Complaint: National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)

* File a Complaint: Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

* File a Complaint: Farm Credit Administration (FCA)

* File a Complaint: Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

credit reporting agency lender complaints Federal Trade Commission FTC

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) handles complaints involving credit reporting agencies or lenders other than credit unions, banks or savings and loans.

You may contact the FTC's Consumer Response Center by phone, mail, or online:


Toll-free 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357)


Federal Trade Commission


Washington, D.C. 20580


Use FTC's secure complaint form

While the FTC does not resolve individual consumer disputes, your complaint, comment, or inquiry may help spot a pattern of law violations requiring law enforcement action. It can also help the FTC recognize and tell people about larger trends affecting consumers.

The FTC's Division of Financial Practices is responsible for developing policy and enforcing laws related to financial and lending practices affecting consumers. It also is responsible for most of the agency’s consumer privacy program. Among its specific areas of responsibility are:

* Financial privacy, including enforcement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). The FCRA ensures the accuracy and privacy of information kept by credit bureaus and other consumer reporting agencies, and gives consumers the right to know what information these entities are distributing about them to creditors, insurance companies and employers. The GLBA requires financial institutions to provide notice to consumers about their information practices, and to give consumers an opportunity to direct that their personal information not be shared with non-affiliated third parties.

* Subprime lending, including enforcement of laws targeting deceptive, unfair and abusive practices in the subprime market, such as the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act, and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

* Enforcement of many of the nation’s other consumer credit statutes, including: The Truth in Lending Act, which requires creditors to disclose in writing certain cost information, such as the annual percentage rate (APR), before consumers enter into credit transactions; The Consumer Leasing Act, which requires lessors to give consumers information on lease costs and terms; and The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which prohibits debt collectors from engaging in unfair, deceptive or abusive practices, including over-charging, harassment and disclosing consumers’ debt to third parties.


My loan was transferred to them when TBW when toes-up. I was also in the midst of a modification with TBW, so I got the, "It will take 60 days to sort all this out."

I suppose they figured out very quickly that they didn't want a *current* loan that was under stress, so they sold my loan to ANOTHER company and restarted the "60-Days to research clock."

Fortunately, I sold the house; they are out of my life. Let's see how badly they screw the payoff(?).


Get used to it people. This bunch of idiots has screwed me around and over for 7 weeks now.

I did finally manage to get them paid off. Now trying to collect what owe me in escrow has been the wrost F^#&&ing nightmare.......

And it seems there is nothing we can do about them.

Consumer support and protection is as big a joke as cenlar........


Cenlar's online payment is turning into a joke!! A sad joke!!!

I'm so tired of making payments and getting confirmation just to find out the payment wasn't applied to my account. The first time they said My bank account didn't have enough funds. I got my bank involved so that excuse was quickly dismissed. Cenlar has of yet to tell me why my payment didn't get processed.

The really sad thing is that it has happened again. I'm stuck with late payment fees even though I paid ontime. This time I can't even get them on the phone to attempt to find out what happened.

I pay all my bills online and trust me I know what I'm doing!!! I'm getting my loan away from them ASAP!!!!!


I have been dealing with CENLAR for months and have had a HORRIBLE experience with them. Their customer service reps are rude and have no clue about the loans and cannot answer questions. That is IF you actually get through to one. Their supervisors are no better and are in fact more rude than the reps, one actually threatened me.

My loan gets paid from two sources, myself and my housing authority. CENLAR is so incompetent that they have yet to apply the money correctly towards my loan. After dealing with them for MONTHS AND MONTHS, I finally thought the issue was resolved. I received IN WRITTING a letter saying that everything was taken care of and the loan was credited properly and all caught up. That was in October 2009.

I call to make my November payment to them and wouldn’t you know it, they say I am three months behind. WOW!! So less that thirty days after them telling me everything was caught up, I am 90 days behind??? They must have time machines.

In addition to that the one person I finally got a hold of admitted to me that his “cash” department messed up and didn’t apply my money correctly but he refused to credit me the way he’s supposed to. In fact CENLAR sent me a check for $800 because I overpaid, yet was still reporting my as past due??????? Their supervisor tried to tell me, “We sent that to you so you could send it back.” WHAT??? SERIOUSLY??

They are completely incompetent and I believe they are doing this to people to get extra fees and moneys from them, which is FRAUD. The story above says the BBB has them in good standing, UNTRUE. The BBB has them at a C- and has received 80 complaints against CENLAR. Change your lender unless they cut all ties with CENLAR.


My loan was tranferred from TBW to CENLAR also and is just as disgusted with them. Personally, I think they are a fly by night. Seeking to re-finance and get from them also.


This Company is so screwed up!!! I want to pay my loan off and never deal with them again.

They are giving me a hard time paying in full. Does this make sense?


They said they paid 2 quarters of taxes.... I called the tax office, and they said they haven't received those 2 quarters. I got a supervisor on the phone Loreena --- she I think saw the issue.. after one hour of arguing with them. She said "I will submit this to the research department, they will call you back within 72 hours.. good by"


one week later - no callback or notice. Their "Research" fax number is 609-718-4622 but nobody is replying. (I fax them every day asking for an update) I am half tempted to send a 100 page document with all black ink and at the bottom saying for them to call me back, or I will do it every day, adding 100 pages each day.

I think calling an attorney is the only way to get this resolved. They are trying to increase my monthly 110 bucks a month just because they made a mistake (oh, and they didn't import my escrow account from TB&W ether).

I wish there was a U.S. representative that I could call. Everyone I call I can hardly understand. I even asked for someone with a clearer dialect, and she said there wasn't anyone.

If anyone starts a class action or gets an attorney, please email me the details - travis at lvfbody dot com. Thanks.

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