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We have been trying to get the amortization schedule to our house for over 3 months. Everytime we call to check on why we haven't recieved it they tell us to send more info, plus a check for 15.00.

We always ask is this ALL you need, yes they say until we call again then they request something else. All customer representatived are in India. We are needing this info because of probating a will and can't get it done.

This is indeed a fly by night company with employes in India with no regard to the U.S.

Anyone who has had a pleasant experience with this company and was satisfied with them I would love to hear about it.

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If you have an online account you can print your amortization schedule. They have a link once you sign into your account. (and yes, they are IDIOTS) I advise anyone who can get a mortgage with their local bank who won't sell it to do it (normally a credit union).

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