Berlin, Connecticut
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How fair is it that I picked my mortgage company and Cenlar bought them out! Now it's their rules!!!

You are entitled to a 15 day grace period from the 1st to the 16th. Well they are saying that it's late on the 15th. That's only 14 days people! Also you get charged to do a on-line payment and to phone in your payment they charge you.

I mailed my payment two weeks early, and they are one state over from me. It took them two weeks to cash my check and then they had the nerve to tell me it was late on the 16th. I have had 4 mortgages with differnt companines and have never dealt with crooks like these people. People work hard for their credit scores and to make their mortgages.

These people don't care and half of them aren't even Americans on the phone. Speak ENGLISH people! Now for me to re-fiance and try to get away from these crooks will cost me closing fees and points.

The Government for ya! Thanks Cenlar- You SUCK!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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I was with TB&W and have had no problem with Cenlar paying the house ins. and property tax.

I have never been charged to make online payments & the additional principal is always deducted. The only problem I had was getting a coupon book after Cenlar took over.

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