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I called Cenlar for a loan modification. I was hoping to get a little breathing room on my mortage.I was told by Ms.

Monica Feinstein toallow my account fall behind for two months and then she would get the ball rolling for the modification. She stated that we looked like the perfect candidate for the modification. Well we did not qualify for the modification, or another program, or another. By this time we were $23,000 and some change in the hole.

We either had to catch up or they would auction off our property. By this time Ms. Feinstein was promoted and we had a new advisor. Nick Braumbaugh did his best to keep us on the string with one more goverment programs he told us that this was the last programe, and that we made $50.00 dollars to much to qualify.

So we had to have our parents take out a second on their house since they are retired to catch up. None of this would have happen if we hand not been told from the beginning by a so call expert that we would qualify.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

Monetary Loss: $23000.

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Oh my GOD she told me the same thing! She said they only help people who are behind.

She needs to be prosecuted.

That whole Bayview company tells lies. They say long as you get your payment in but actually CENLAR still ruins your credit.

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