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I have the same situation here. Every time I call the story changes even within the same day.

They claim they have not received my payments though I have mailed them and fax them copies of the certified bank checks they have negotiated and cashed. I was given the running around for over 4 months and had no choice but to hire an attorney to handle my case for they have also reported the incorrect information to the credit bureaus. We are now in the process of litigation and lawsuit for the damages done to my credit report. Interestingly, I have had much needed cooperation since hiring an attorney and I am looking forward to a settlement for bad business practices.

I recommend to all of you whom have made the payments to CENLAR and till this day they are claiming they have no received it to hire an attorney, put a claim against Cenlar for all attorney fees, fax, copies, long distance call charges you have incurred to get compensated for your pain and suffering due to their high level of incompetence. Oh!, lastly, records all your phone conversations with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Cenlar Cons: Constant change in information on my file.

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I am having a similar issue. They say they did not receive pmt back in Aug '16, yet it was clearly debited out of my acct to them, the bank has verified.

They ask me to fax them certain information, then say that's not enough (3 times now). They continuously report it to the credit bureau. I'm at the point now of getting an attorney bc after almost 8 months they haven't fixed the issue and I've lost so much time and sleep over this I can't handle it anymore.

The stress is overwhelming dealing with this company. I've been thinking I need to record all the phone conversations, but not sure of the legality of it, and not sure exactly how to even do it.

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