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We have been battling with Cenlar and Freddie Mac for years to show proof of Mortgage ownership on our home in Rockford, Illinois.

We have a clouded/unmarketable title because the loan originator Taylor Bean and Whitaker went bankrupt in 2009 and the CEO is in prison for 30 years for originating faulty mortgages and taking TARP money. Freddie Mac is now claiming that they own our Note and Mortgage, but not willing to show any money trail or any consideration that they really paid for it. They are not on the title as a lien holder; TBW still is, who is long time gone. We have been told that we will never be able to have clear title, because Freddie Mac is not a legal lien holder and cannot take TBW off the title even if we pay off our mortgage.

Without prior notice and explanation, CENLAR the mortgage servicer, added $9,472.86 to our mortgage account claiming that we own some attorney fees. This is preposterous as we never have seen any bill, judgment, or statement from anyone and no one at Cenlar can tell us where is amount is coming from.

We are current and have never been late on our mortgage. But because we didn’t pay the $9K amount, the stated payment is growing every month, currently at $10,671.69 on top of a deeply-depreciated property.

We are demanding discovery and proof that CENLAR and Freddie Mac has the right to collect our mortgage which, to our knowledge and belief, was fully paid off when TBW went bankrupt. We demand proof that they have the right to add the above-mentioned amount to our mortgage without any notice/explanation of the origination. We demand that Freddie Mac give us clear title upon payoff of any outstanding amount that they can prove we owe. Loan # 0031460389.

Please sign this petition.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $146000.

Cenlar Cons: I did not like.

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