Libertyville, Illinois
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Cenlar refuses to reimburse me for unnecessary lender placed flood insurance on my property. My property was not in a flood zone when I bought it in 2006 and still is not in a flood zone when I refinanced in 2013.

I have called countless people and sent mountains of paperwork and I have not received an intelligible response from Cenlar nor any of their customer service representatives.

Cenlar owes me $572 for the unnecessary flood insurance, plus they owe me an apology for all the time and all the energy that I have spent fighting them since 2008.

Monetary Loss: $573.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #648701

They tried to do this to us. We took screen shots of all the FEMA maps and mailed them in with a letter. We received a letter stating that the will "review our loan and be in contact at a later date." It's ***!!

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