Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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Have a loan with BCU, could not make 2 month payment. The bank (so I thought) started the modification process.

While submitting the required documents started to receive letters from an attorney asking to pay the debt. Talked to the lawyer about the modification process. Letters stopped but when I was supposed to receive the package with the final modification documents, the bank sent it to my physical address (which I always said to them has no delivery route established by the USPS). Know this when 3 months after I received a call from the bank notifying that due to the lack of signature on the documents they deny the modification.

I asked for an explanation, the keep saying that they deliver those papers to the physical address but I can start another modification process. While starting this 2nd process received a letter again from the bank lawyer asking for the payment of the debt (which not reflect the payments I continue making), wrote a QWR to the bank lawyer, and shortly after received a foreclosure notification. A while after received another letter from the bank asking to pay the debt, and also wrote a QWR. Still waiting for they response (more than 4 months have passed).

Still battling in court that what they say I owe is not the real amount, they have to credit all the payments I've been making after the 2 I skipped and asked for the Fair Debt Collection Act provisions.

Now waiting for the court. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan Modification.

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