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If anyone knows the law firm handling the class action against Cenlar (I've heard people mentioning one), please contact me at wilsonrand@technetiuminc.com. I want to contact them directly.

These people are crooks. It's not hard to see why... when I asked them why I was being charged for something I never agreed to pay for and don't want, they simply replied that it was a "force payment." OK, so that's the mentality we're dealing with, huh? They're just begging to be sued.

Let's oblige them.

I could see them charging people an additional hundred bucks here, fifty bucks there, hoping no one would notice. But these people want to raise my monthly mortgage payment by nearly fifty percent!!! If that isn't just totally unscrupulous, fearless, shameless greed, I don't know what is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #727032

CENLAR is a corrupt and unscrupulous company that needs to have as many lawsuits and documented complaints filed agsinst them as possible. Use the names of everyone that works for them you can in the complaints.

Also anyone having an issue with them should file written complaints with both their senators and local congressional representatives and file complaints with city leaders as well. Additionally, file complaints with your state attorney general, and regional office of the federal reserve. File complaints with banking and commerce commities of congress. The more formal complaints and trouble that citizen can make for them and their emploees the better.

Type out your complaints, send them to every agency you can. Do it in groups as well if possible, follow up with calls, letters and emails to document it with all agencies and representatives to hold them accountable to respond. If there are any news reporters that handle consumer fraud and abuse use them and write complaints to them as well. The more documented complaints the better.

In time some law firm may realize they can make money representing the public in a class action lawsuits. Invest the time, don't stop, keep writing even if the agency says they can't help, overwhelm them with complaints, and keep every response you get. Forward them to the the Whitehouse and President, let him know how we are being bullied, abused, extorted, victimized by a company that is handling government backed loans, and operating with government endorsement.

Hold everyone accountable in writing. And don't give up, dont stop fighting, it may seem like we are getting nowhere but if we all keep chipping away, the criminal house of CENLAR will fall.




Had a loan with TBW, then it went to cenlar. Had nothing but problems with them.

I tried for months to get them to help with modification or refinance, again nothing but problems. Then, I tried to get another mortgage company to do refi. Cenlar was a pain with trying to get my loan paid off. Finally got my refi closed and low and behold cenlar sends me a payment book for my new loan.

Complete and utter BS! I am absolutely pissed!

to Cenlar sux #1513704

They are a horrible company! They have almost made me lose my home due to their error (misapplied funds to a DIFFERENT mortgage holders account!) and they did not complete the modification I applied for 2 years ago....We need a class action lawsuit against them immediately!

My loan was also sold to them a few years ago.....my original mortgage loan company was Guaranty Bank. I have had nothing but trouble from this company ever since my loan was sold to them.

Also, they NEVER answer their phones, I have been put into voicemails over and over again and when I do reach someone in customer service they pass me around to different departments. It has been so frustrating and devastating to me and my family to be on the *** of homelessness due to no fault of our own!

to Tanya #1517520

Please email me at thelearninglenz@gmail.com. I am having problems and they are pushing a wrongful foreclosure.

I'm looking for as much information as I can. How did things turn out for you?


Had a loan with TBW, then it went to cenlar. Had nothing but problems with them.

I tried for months to get them to help with modification or refinance, again nothing but problems. Then, I tried to get another mortgage company to do refi. Cenlar was a pain with trying to get my loan paid off. Finally got my refi closed and low and behold cenlar sends me a payment book for my new loan.

Complete and utter BS! I am absolutely pissed!


I have been trying to get ahold of Cenlar for almost a month now. I keep getting emails stating that someone will contact me.

I have even received an email stating that my email had been forwarded to department with expedited service (that was two weeks ago).

My next step is to head to my local Department of Consumer Protection. I am sure *** Blumenthal will be happy to help.

to Lori May Naugatuck, Connecticut, United States #1138026

Has anyone helped you? You mention Bluementhal, are you from CT. I am too and am having a terrible time with CENLAR.


I also have many problems with Cenlar. They

purched insurance when i already had it. Well

that brought my increased my payment $700.00

a month. They also kept my escrow refund

from TBW, didnt include any payments made to

TBW and so on. I have all my documentation

from day one. I also have letters

condradicting them selfs. I have contacted

a class action law firm and told them about

the many people this is happening too. I will

let everyone know If his firm is willing to

take this on. One more thing, the OCC is

involved in this now (I made sure of that).

Hang in




I have the same problem with CENLAR. They took over my loan from TBW also.

My monthly payments increased by about $200 due, according to them, to an increase in my property taxes. However, my "annual" increase in taxes was only around $50 total. That doesn't justify the monthly increase. They've been snowballing me ever since.

Lawsuit...yea, I wish! Email me at akita_bo@juno.com if one develops!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #286481

I too have a well documented and supported complaint against Cenlar wherrein they accepted a payment and did not credit my account. I'm up for a suit!


Our firm is currently gathering information regarding consumers’ mortgage loans being transferred from Taylor, Bean & Whitaker to Cenlar. We have a client who made their August 2009 payment to TBW which was subsequently cashed by TBW; however, the new mortgage servicer is refusing to acknowledge this payment or credit our client for the August 2009 payment.

In addition, they have received numerous phone calls and letters stating they are behind on their mortgage payment. Now they are incurring late fees and have experienced a shortage in their escrow account.

To protect consumers’ rights, we are currently working on drafting a Class Action Complaint against Cenlar. If you have experienced the same problems and would be willing to provide us with information, please contact us at 217-429-4296 or consumerprotection@brelaw.com.

to Shane Hephzibah, Georgia, United States #666331

We have the same issue nearly word for word. Same previous mortgage, TB&W, same CENLAR, same circumstances.

We have been fighting them for 2 years now.

I will gladly be part of a class action suit. Please provide information on how.

to Shane #1513705

I am interested! I will contact you right away.....Thanks!


We were also with TBW then Cenlar took over, we have nothing but trouble. When you fianlly get through to them they tell you they cannot email you back and that you have to pay $50 for a Fax.

I would like to join a class action Law Suit

Complete Liars and Robbers


Please let m know also of any class action suit


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know about a class action suit! I have had nothing but trouble from CENLAR!!!!

to kathy #1503636

I have been having the same problems with Cenlar. I live in south Florida, We had a major hurricane last year and we had been declared as being in a national disaster area.

and to call my mortgage company for a 3 month forbearance. So I did just that, when i called I was told to not worry about anything. I could not pay my mortgage for 3 months and that it would be put at the end of my note. So that's what I did.

Now I'm getting letters stating that I'm late on my payments 3 months. I did exactly what they told me to do! I have made at least 30 phone calls to Cenlar requesting to speak with a supervisor or someone with authority to make decisions since January. I have not received one phone call back.

Just this morning a man came to the house in shorts and a t-shirt handed my Daughter (who is not the homeowner) and is still a minor a envelope scribbled in pencil Confidential with a torn piece of paper inside stating to call my mortgage company. and then he started walking around and taking pictures of my Property.

I have owned 4 homes, and have never, I repeat NEVER been late on a payment! If anyone who reads this thinks I have a case Please contact me

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