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I contacted Cenlar after discussing a vehicle loan with my credit union. They told my husband and I that our credit scores were being affected because our 2+ year of a mortgage were not being reported. I contacted Cenlar to find out why, and they said I needed to take it up with the three credit bureaus, before I got off the line, the rep asked me to fax them a copy of my insurance bill.

I said okay, called progressive (whom I ADORE) and they said my policy had been canceled nearly 18 months ago due to nonpayment. I said, my insurance is escrowed, you should have been paid. What happened? They told me they sent the bill to Cenlar and was never paid.

I called back Cenlar, and they told me they never received a bill, and so they put me on their policy, and that I owed a balance. Their policy was nearly FOUR TIMES the amount of my own policy. They claimed they sent a letter, which I never received. After losing my temper with the very condescending person on the other line, he told me that when they didn't get a bill in 2011, they called Progressive, who said my insurance had been canceled as of last year. So they renewed their own house insurance policy. When I bluntly asked why they didn't call in 2010, he said it wasn't their policy. I finally got transferred to a supervisor, who said he would start reporting my mortgage payments to my credit report NEXT month, and that after 6 I could call and backdate it, and would start an escalation for the insurance problem because I refused to pay it. About a week later I get a bill for the past two years.

I've been in contact with a friend who is a lawyer, and according to him, I'm not in the wrong here. What gives? I sent them my payment, which included money for insurance for nearly two years (they bought my Taylor Bean and Whitaker in August of 2009), and they have just been taking it, now telling me I still owe a balance?

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Leave it to Cenlar. Nothing surprises me.

We are dealing with them in re to a supposedly missed 2009 (after TBW takeover) mortgage payment. They are now threatening to forclose.

Are getting paperwork daily on how to avoid forclosure and are suggesting credit counceling. We are getting to end of our ropes.

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