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, my home/mortgage loan was transferred from CitiMortgage to this AWFUL company! (Thanks CitiMortgage!

I would have honestly preferred that they would allowed me, their customer, to do my research on this company, before they transferred my loan - & this whole nightmare with Cenlar could have been avoided.) I’ve been with Cenlar for only 2 months, so far - & the issues started on day ONE! For starters, they charge an additional $25 for some sort of BS fee, in ADDITION to my agreed upon mortgage payment. (I signed up for automatic withdrawals via their website.)

Secondly, & certainly the worst part of this whole experience is that during *BOTH* months, they’ve tried to withdrawal *2* payments, for the same amount, within days of each other, resulting in overdraft fees from my banking institution. (I attempted to call their customer service number, to ask why they’re trying to withdrawal *2* payments, but of course, their pre-recorded message says that “wait times could be longer than normal.” Waited nearly 10 minutes to talk to a customer service representative.)

Like the other reviewer below, I’m contacting my other banking institution, to see if I can get them to buy/transfer my mortgage account *IMMEDIATELY*!

(It makes no sense to stay with such a dishonest, disorganized company!) 558 existing complaints, at the time of this writing, highlights the fact that there are *SERIOUS* problems with this company & I truly hope that a class action lawsuit (for dishonest business practices) can be filed by all of the customers who have been abused/taken advantage by this company!

I truly hope that this company can be put OUT of business, immediately, so that nobody else has to experience the headaches & frustrations caused by this nightmarish company! *** ***

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