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After responding no less than 10 times via USPS, e-mail, Fax and telephone, Cenlar will not change the status of a misreported payment in July of 2017. It has shown on my credit as 30 days late when it was paid prior to that windows.

I have documented proof, have filed disputes with the credit agencies who simply base their decision on the word of Cenlar. Cenlar has provided nothing, no proof of a 30 day late payment but continue to verify that the report is accurate to Transunion and Experian. In 2017, my spouse was having trouble managing the finances and did not tell me but the mortgage was late 4 times in the years I have owned it. I had no idea until I saw a statement and called Cenlar.

Cenlar had contacted my spouse via her personal cell phone 10 times and never contacted me. This is a fact even though she is not authorized on the mortgage, I am the only name on the account and I have never authorized my spouse as a contact. After the discovery of the mortgage status, I called Cenlar and explained while bringing the account current (which included the July 2017 payment) Cenlar charged me for a hand delivered letter that was received by my spouse and hidden from me. I am deeply disturbed that the company never once reached me and persisted on speaking with a contact that it was not authorized to.

The misreporting of the payment is causing a credit score issue, putting me over a threshold that hurts my security clearance at work and Cenlar will not honor a single request to fix their error.

It is no different than corruption. I would very much like to pursue legal action for violating the Fair Debt Collection rules and also the abhorrent reporting it has taken part in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: 30 day late report for July 2017 removed from credit reports.

Cenlar Cons: Dishonesty from customer service supervisor.

  • Unfair
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