District Heights, Maryland
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I submitted a loan modification request July 2009 and did not receive a response back from CENLAR until February 2010 beacause the CENLAR representatives said that they had a backlog on loan modification requests. Well, the rejection that I received indicated that I did not have enough money.

Go Figure! The reason for the loan modification request was to get my loan modified because there was a change to my income. To date, I have not received any assistance from this company. Instead, they insisted that I continue t pay my loan.

Everytime that I called, I gota different response. I can never get clear direction on how to get a modificatio to my loan.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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cenlar foreclosed my because a change in salary 9/2017 after months of asking for a modification(disable vet)


hello, how are you doing. I am very happy today and good news i got money from the deaf and hard of hearing commission that help the deaf people.

i got $200,000 delivered to me cash and the man told me you won, too. I saw your name and that is why I want to know if you have gotten money too from the man.

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in order to get a loan mod ... especially when you have a fannie mae, freddie mac, or fha loan, your lender has to be able to balance all of your expenses and be able to get your mortgage payment down to a rate where you can afford to pay it and the rest of your bills.

if you dont make enough money they cant get it down to a rate where you can afford to pay it and the rest of your expenses. i mean they cant make it free! i think sometimes people like to point the finger at the mortgage company when its really the federal gov't that makes the rules.

if its that bad then maybe you really cant afford the house and need to let it go ... #imjustsayin ...


Edna I am a loan modification underwriter 2nd level reviewer which included reviewing self employed Borrower and overturning initial decline loan modification, when I applied for a loan modification with this company I was rejected, I think due to the backlog and hiring more people, the majority of the reviewer did not have experience in the mortgage industry with loss mitigation and therefore did not know how to qualify the Borrower based on guideline, waterfall methods, maybe they should use more resources or try and participate in programs that allow principal reduction


I have been working on my loan mod with them to no success. i started aug 2009, and until now, feb 2011, i have not gotten any cooperation from them.

my house was on TSales scheduled july 2010, and i have been postponing. i filed bk already for the last attempt to postpone.

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