Clay, New York

1) Fax. For action, do fax them with your issue. Use a free fax service.

Oddly, faxes and written documents get higher visibility than call center notes. Allow them three days to recognize the existence of your fax. Their process is to forward date the fax two to three days post faxing.

Note that the call center staff will only know that the fax was sent but not be able to see the fax or its content.

2) Shop the Call Center.

Ask which call center they are in. If they do not say Kansas or Arizona, hang up and call again to land one of those competent call centers. English is not job prerequisite as the native language in some of these international call centers is not English.

3) Ask for the NOTES screen.

They seem to have two screens. A primary screen where your loan is tagged with a prominent Status Code. Unless you ask them to dig further in the "NOTES" screen, they will not look beyond that status code into the notes and prattle on wasting critical time. Do direct them to look at and read the NOTES. Be silent while they read and try to understand it, again, English may not be native to them.

4) Call a second time.

Once off the phone, call right back in. The second call is valuable because you can ask them to read off to you the notes from the first call. Typically the first agent doesn't press the commit button which will destroy all records of your first call. The first agent vacated an established forebearance due to this behavior. It's a toss up if the 1st agent will bother to your comments. Yes all calls are recorded but they will never listen to the recordings to benefit you. Call right in a second time.

4) Demand the manager.

The majority of the call center staff are mean well and will presume an authoritative-level of responsibility well beyond what they actually possess. . Call center agents don't mean to but they regularly misrepresent your status as far rosier and better than it actually is. They are also kept well in the dark on how systematically and robustly Cenlar breaches Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The managers know the real score Once I got a manger on the line, I realized the past six agents lied about the loan being successfully placed into forebearance.

5) Block the call transfer.

The dreaded call transfer is always dead-end. When they insist on the call transfer, they either need to end their shift or take a bio break. Demand to be put on MUTE if they need a break, not HOLD. HOLD parks your call in orbit forever. If they offer to transfer your call, stop them from doing so. It is better to escalate to the manager than transfer. 100% of the transfer go to non-existent staff or departments. non-existent If they must transfer, ask for a LIVE or HOT transfer and ask them to put you on MUTE while they locate a live person to transfer to. They will not be able to and that's your cue to continue confirming their notes and escalating to the managers.

6) Timing.

Avoid calling at day's end, they will flush your call. Call just after lunch at that call center's time. That give's you a four-hour talk time to keep them accountable.

Reason of review: I was able to post to pissed off consumer.

Cenlar Cons: All else.

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