Reston, Virginia

i have ask cenlar for a statement every month they will not send me one please send me a statement thank you

loan oo29617966

if you can not send me a statement please let me know. you should how not taken over the mortage if you can' send a statement every month.

i had my mortage with taylor,bean&whitaker never had any trouble with them. untill they put me cenlar loan thet can not send out astatement every month, what is problem with you all.i hope some one else will take over my mortage because cenlar can't.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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No monthly statements for me either. CENLAR should be sued. This is just BS.


It is even more sinister than that. They are hoping that people fall into foreclosure so they can steal everything from you and trash your credit rating in the process.

These people should all be in jail!


They won't send you a statement. It is so you'll forget, be late, and have to pay extra fees.

Its a scam to nickel and dime us to death. That company is horribly run.

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