Cenlar took over our mortgage shortly after we closed on our house. A few years into our mortgage we had some financial issues and asked for assistance. We asked if we could skip a payment and have it put on the end of our loan. We did it many years before with a different house. Cenlar said no way. The only option is a loan modification. We asked for the paperwork.

There is a section on one of the forms that mentions short term financial issues and another that you can choose that says issues not in your control, such as increase living expenses, etc. As we started to fill out the paperwork we noticed that it all talked about having to sell the home, short sales etc. Unfortunately it's all the same paperwork regardless of what the issue is.

We submitted the paperwork and several weeks later we received a letter that we were missing some things that were requested. Submitted what was requested and then got another letter a few weeks later stating that something was wrong on a form and that we didn't submit something requested. We requested a form and was told that it was a federal form and that we can google it and then print the form. Printed a form from the internet and submitted it. A few weeks later received a letter stating that we submitted the wrong form and that they would mail us the form, which we received a few days later. Sent that and then received another letter a few weeks later stating that one of the documents we first submitted has not expired. We have been going back and forth for the past 6 months and have not gotten any further than day 1.

The only way to submit paperwork is by fax or regular mail. Other mortgage companies use secure email and PDF files because it is secure. Regular mail is the least secure form a sending paperwork. Unfortunately that has been our only option. We have a business in town that can fax documents for us, but the cost is $1 per page up to 10 and then it is $1.25 per page. It is cheaper to send by mail. They do not work by email or scanned documents. When I asked why, I was told that it is not secure.

Since we are using only regular mail we need to allow 5-10 business days for them to receive the documents. Then 5-10 business days for them to enter the paperwork into the system and then another 5-10 business days for someone to look at them and process them. That explains why it takes at least 2 weeks to receive a response.

When one of the documents was not filled out properly I asked to have the document returned. They told me that they do not have the paperwork because it is all electronic.

I don't get it. Regular mail is not very secure. Today's technology and software are a lot more secure. Using technology would make the process so much faster and more efficient.

So Frustrating.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan Modification.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I went through the same problem. I tried for a modification and was denied because we were not 60 days late on our loan.

But just last week I had guys at my house to put a lock box on because we were 30 days late.

If we were 60 days late we would have already been foreclosed on. THEY SUCK.


I had the same issue - seems nothing I sent was right and over and over again I sent what they request only to be told something is missing. After about three months I received a denial letter on my modification yet they claim to have so many options for you to help you get back on track.


I too went through the same thing . i hear all this shady stuff about Cenlar and it appears to be all True.

since i went through the same thing. I was told that they do not do forbearance even though they send it with their help packet along with options. when you're in trouble and want help from them it seems like we all get the same thing about loosing papers and not having them filled out incorrectly so then it takes weeks and months. I believe that those papers are getting there but someone does not want to do much on that end to expedite the help they say their wanting to give you.

It is frustrating when you know your filling them out correctly and they say that they don't have them. I feel this company needs to get things straitened out or get rid of some people , or even get out of the mortgage business .

Also every mortgage company I know will give you help one way or the other. they ask you how they can help and analyze your situation .

then they will give you modification or forbearance to be able to keep your home if that's what you want. I am not sure what their problem is, but its bad to be a sub standard mortgage company. I hear they get paid by the banks to keep these mortgages out of foreclosure. so their making money at it while their stalling and denying certain kinds of mortgage help.

I know people that have asked their mortgage company for help, and they were allowed seven months without making a payment, to help them solve their financial problem. But Cenlar will not do that , at least not now. Cenlar by its actions, make us the consumers nervous about who is holding our mortgage. I would like to know if this company is on the right path or do we need to contact the federal home administration and the VA and let them know what is going on with cenlar.

I think since we don't get to choose who buys our mortgage that we should get the same help that other mortgage companies are giving their own customers. forbearance and mortgage modification is common place for all mortgage companies that are legitimate and they will help you. they also will do what ever works best to solve the problem. Another thing you should know is that the banks pay these mortgage companies to keep its customer from loosing their homes by fore-closer.

Its a lot easier that way, but i wonder if Cenlar is getting their money from the banks and denying help to its customers , maybe that is why the long wait on getting the paper work filed and giving their decision ,

I suggest that anyone having problems with Cenlar to contact the Feds (.VA, HUD, FHA,) they regulate the mortgage industry and will regulate companies that pretend to be helping and they really aren't.

This company needs to be investigated .

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