Dallas, Georgia
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I have been w/LGE via Cenlar for 21 yrs...in my home. I wanted a Loan Mod in 2017.

I went to LGE, they couldn't help me...They told me to call CENLAR, but they couldn't seem to locate their number..Liars, low life bastards...I finally walked in to LGE/Acworth, ga. Spoke w/a Manager, she stated they would charge me $1,000 4a L/Mod. I am still @ a 5.1%, the is totally ridiculous...They never mentioned my equity....LD called and said: Do you know you have $90,000 in equity?

I stated no I didn't...So, why don't you take it out, use it...Until this day, LGE/Cenlar has placed me in F/C all because they are a greedy, low life and don't forget the CEO/President...He sits on his high/mighty, greedy, I dont care making millions/millions...He doesn't even care what his departments are doing, as long as he keeps a roof over his head....It's a disgrace! But the God, the Almighty God that I serve has the Master Plan....

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