Akron, Ohio

CENLAR bought out my mortgage right as my first payment was due. I had already sent in my payment along with extra principle.

Two weeks later, a representative called me "welcoming" me to CENLAR and asking about where my payment was. (The payment had already come out of my account). I explained that I had sent it in and that it had been cashed. He searched and found it, explaining the transition wasn't smooth and said he would apply it to my account.

Three weeks later I received a call from their collections department asking about the payment. I re-explained my situation and the lady once again said she would apply it.

For 4 weeks now, my account is considered past due and the extra 1,000 i put toward principle was still collecting interest because of their ineptitude. Terrible organization there

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This is exactly what we are dealing with. They are now adding late fees.

I plan to refi as soon as possible just to get away from this company. This is the worse mortgage company I have ever dealt with.


how were you able to get his issue fixed? My mortgage has just been handed over to CENLAR and after reading all these comments I am beyond terrified.

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