Baltimore, Maryland

I'm contemplating suit against Cenlar. They started foreclosure proceedings against me for being TWO months behind on my mortgage.

Everytime I call them to discuss business, no one knows what I'm talking about and I have to start from square 1. They're horrible. The ppl that they employ are idiotic and have been careless with my most precious asset. I know ppl who haven't paid their mortgage for a year and they're not court involved for delinquent payments on their mortgage.

It's been nothing short of a nightmare w these ppl. I almost think foreclosure would be a better option than dealing with them further.

PLEASE heed everybody's review and DON'T have them service your loan. REPORT them to the better business bureau...I'm doing this as well!

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Sign me up , let's make it a class action.


We are reporting them to our state's attorney general

Dayton, Ohio, United States #779942

They are KNOWN FOR DOIng this. THEy did this to us as well.They need to be sued period.

We were in forcloseure ,same story as yours. 2 months only. won the first battle I went to court ,we won.The second time. Gave up and did a short sale.

Tape ALL Phone conversations you have with them. Keep a journal of times dates who you spoke with .Every detail.

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