Raleigh, North Carolina
Not resolved

We were working on a loan modification.

The process took nearly 2 years.

There was never a primary contact. When I asked for one, I got one who then later refused to answer or return calls.

Many of the contacts appeared to have difficulty understanding written and spoken English, although they were not foreign nationals.

At least 5 times I was told that all documents necessary had been received, only to have them come back later and ask for more. I have a stack of paper that is at least 3 inches thick that was sent to them between July 2013 and April 2015.

On more than one occasion the correspondent was condescending and rude.

There seemed to be no incentive for them to solve the problem quickly. To the contrary, it appeared that they only increased their income/profit by taking longer than necessary.

My credit history was greatly damaged by all the extra months of unpaid mortgage payments that were required to complete this process at such a slow pace.

I was only able to get a resolution when I contacted the CEO of my mortgage originator, a Credit Union, with whom I have been a member for 36 years. Otherwise, it appeared that we would be stuck in this process forever.

While we very much appreciate that a loan modification was a special chance to stay in our home and get help that would not have been available without the Fannie Mae program, it appears that CENLAR is gaming the system for their own benefit.

The stress that the uncertainty or such a prolonged process caused my family was greater than experiences I have had in unemployment and divorce in the past. It was absolutely terrible.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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