Chicago, Illinois

My Mortgage was sold off to Cenlar when my Bank when out of Business. In one year time, Cenlar has cashed my mortgage payment on time and lost the posting as paid.

They then start calling me continuously as if I'm the bad payer.

I have to Fax (Old Technology) to prove the payment was made AND now fight to reverse the Late Payment and negative reporting to my credit report. This Company is ridiculous!

After reading all the online complaints about the folks who paid off their loan and could not retrieve their Escrow, I would say this Company is closely run with Our Government in lack of competence!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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Mcdonough, Georgia, United States #691436

Ihave had this happen to me SEVERAL times and I am so angry that I have to continually PROVE to them that I have paid my bill. Plus everytime you call you get transferred to India to speak to someone named "Mark" or "Susie" who can't do anything more than read a pre written script to you.

It is so frustrating to not be able to speak with someone who can help you. I truly dislike this company and wish I could change!!!


I just this past yr. am dealing with Cenlar.

I went through my trial mod. goat my new mort. payment in April of this year. I then started paying by phone to have my payments deducted from my bank.

Figured this would be easiest. Wow I made my may and June payments at the beginning of my, got confirmation # and went about MT business. Always on time. So then I start receiving default notices and call Cenlar they say no probably their fault and dissreguard.

Now a couple myths later, orb 25 confirm #, 30 different people and was even sent back to bay view and Cenlar would not even speak to me. So now today July 16 I am now suddenly back at Cenlar, accordding to Cenlar current and not due till Aug. So I call my bank and nothing had been taken. I am at a loss.

I guess I will call Cenlar and make 3 more payments which according to them will put me due for next pay in Nov. According to me and what is correct will bring me due Aug.

I don't know what's going on but this is all their fault. :(

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