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Sooo, citi decides to sell my loan. I have never received my loan booklet and thus cannot go online.

I have emailed Cenlar several times and gotten no response. I have tried calling the numbers and every time I can’t get through. I went ahead and just used the automated way to pay but as I’m checking the account via phone it’s still saying no payment. So I’m still on hold but here’s the kicker instead of even having nice pleasant music I’m just getting a beep.

Been this way for 20 mins. I feel like citi should get sued for emotional distress for putting people in this predicament.

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Good afternoon, I am an associate producer at CBS News and am doing research on loan servicing companies. I would be interested in hearing more about your loan servicing experience with Cenlar. Can you please email me at consumer@cbsnews.com?


Same thing happened to me. When I did get the payment made, they charged me twice!

I have sent emails and can not get a reply. I tried to get someone on the phone but get hung up on! Citi should not do business with a company like this.

This has been a major inconvenience! I will be careful Citi today!

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