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I too am a victim of TB&W clients transfer to CENLAR. They are claiming that I am two months behind on Mortgage payments; When I contacted the office, they claim that they have never received the Sept & October 2009 payments..

I have faxed my bank statements to them 2 times where it shows that two payments were made in September 2009; Oct 09; Nov 09. But they can not find the faxed documents. I am tired of talking to people that can't understand me and not being understood by the people I am talking too! I just got off the phone with them again and I am to fax the info to them in the AM and send the hard copies to them in the mail.

Is there a place that we can go to get help with these people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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I too am a TBW throw back to Cenlar and I am having the same issue they have received several faxes and hard copies of my payments for Aug.2009 and Sept.2009 and YET they still say I have not made them. I have sent all paperwork they have requested and yet they still threaten me with FORECLOSURE.

Daily I get letters from CENLAR telling me to call them but THERE is NO PHONE NUMBER just some *** NAME.

Where is the help for the PEOPLE like us and WHERE do we turn I know I have spoke to a lawyer but to no avail he says get the statements from your bank I want to tell him GIVE ME THE MONEY THE BANK WANTS TO RESEARCH for the papers etc> 25 an hour and 7 a page

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