cenlar is a rip off and trying to steal money from people, the tried to increase my payment $300 because they took it upon themselves to pay my homeowners insurance, which i had been paying myself for the past three yrs, while i was with TB&W. they overpaid them $600 and was refunded however they tried to say i got the money, well ha ha i have a copy of the check TB&W received from universal property casualty insurace, they tried to say they didn't receive my may payment, however, my bank says otherwise, the check had cleared. they need to be put out of business

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Since CENLAR took our loan from TB&W, they caused us to loose our home insurance, the first year they took over and the second year we almost lost it again, I had to make calls between CENLAR and our insurance company and follow up to make sure the payment was taken care of. They were also sent update information on our account for three years in a row and they still haven't corrected this information on their system and everytime I talk to them they say, "Send us this information so we can correct it" and it never happens!


They did the same to us. We paid our premium, but the insurance company sent us back a check saying that it was already paid??

Did some checking on this and found out Cenlar payed it. We have never had a esrow actt. on our morgage and now they've charged our acct. We have contacted them 3 times and requested a letter stating that this was payed buy accident on their part and that the money sent to them by us will be credited to our acct.

and back interest will be reimbursed to us (we pay an extra $200 per month toward principal that they are using toward escro). They still have not sent the letter. We've contacted a lawer on this matter.

Hope they can do more than us. Told them to say high to (hello my name is George for us)

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