North Easton, Massachusetts
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CENLAR sits on 74K of insurance money for repairs to my home due to winter storm, and gives me the run around when trying to get funds to pay contractor. I am trying desperately to have work finished so I can move back into my home and I'm told it will take 24 to 48 hrs.

to speak with a supervisor. I find this to be horrible customer service, inept staff and unjust procedures.

It has been a task from *** to deal with this company in the past 3 weeks. I hate the fact my mortgage was sold to CENLAR .

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Cenlar Cons: Company customer service at all.

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Dealing with similar situation now. Cenlar's Insurance Processing third party company is HORRIBLE.

Spoke to five different people - all but one had MAJOR attitude. Each person gave me a different procedure and time line. One rep hung up on me and told me that i needed to shut up and listen to what she was saying. Awful company.

Awful practices.


Did you happen to resolve the issue? We just found out similar they will not endorse out insurance check and I'm looking for an attorney .

to Anonymous #1018268

Just did. Was delayed from moving back into my home for 8 days after the repairs were fully completed because they wouldn't release the insurance money they were sitting on to the moving company which had my furniture in storage until they got paid.

One can not reach any managers by phone or email...supervisors are not available for 2-3 days, all communication is done through snail mail and the customer needs to set up their own FedEx account in order to receive checks/payments. Horrible tactics and the poorest customer service one could find.

Good Luck. I had my share of CENLAR for 7 horrific, stress filled weeks.

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