Raleigh, North Carolina

I was yet another TBW customer. I found the same poor customer service problems from my first phone call with Cenlar.

The use of agents with poor English skills and even worse product knowledge made every contact a miserable one. Recently however, I was able to refinance away from Cenlar...YAY... If it makes anyone feel a micro bit better, they were paid off on 7/18 and a refund check was disbursed 8/9. I haven't received it yet so I hope I am not speaking too soon but at least I am not having to fight with them to get the check processed.

I fully expected to. I hope this helps those who are fortunate enough to be able to get rid of this horrible company!!!

BTW..I refinanced with Quicken Loans and the process couldn't have been any easier. The website is very user friendly and I can control my account online. I hated the fact that the Cenlar website was so poorly designed and I had to call anytime I wanted to make changes to my bank account or add principle payments etc.

Not so with Quicken- all done on the website.

If you can, do all you can do to refi. Good Luck everyone!

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