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I have had several issues with this company. Each time, I have filed a formal complaint with the Comptroller of the Currency of the State of New Jersey.

They are the governing body that regulates this entity. They will respond to you once a complaint is made. And, they must respond to the Comptroller because a letter will be sent. It takes only a few minutes to make your complaint on line.

Make sure you have contact information and phone numbers, etc so that they can readily contact CENLAR on your behalf. I am including the website:

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this company has acquired accounts from Citi. Because my home was lost in a fire, it is uninhabitable.

I'm in litigation with Allstate, "the evil hands" and Cenlar claims I've abandoned the property and changed the locks to my home. The house is uninhabitable, no one can occupy the property. Are these people insane? I'm in NY and have sued them in Supreme Court for financial exploitation of the elderly and violations to my constitutional civil rights.

Look it up under Index# 709301/19 and copy paste the contents modifying to suit your situation.

Do not rely on agencies to resolve your problem but bring them to Court. They are afraid of the courts who will demand answers for you.


Because the bank is an FSB, you actually have to file a complaint here:

The Jersey controller doesn't have jurisdiction over them.


I agree that Cenlar is the worst loan institution I have ever delt with!! Am filing a complaint with the NJ dept.

of banking. I have 6 yrs. left to pay on my loan and they don't process the payments in a timely manner and then send me double bills-I'm waiting for a forclosure notice next!!

I pay my loan on time-maybe it's time for a class action lawsuit against this business!! I will be checking that out also.

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