Chicago, Illinois

.....but if I send them the same $1400 check in the mail and some *** has to HANDLE IT it's free!!!???? Well F Cenlar because I learned how to get around their *** $12 fee and that is to set up the payment through CHASE - then it costs me nothing...


They took over my loan when TB&W closed their doors suddenly. Cenlar employees are just as ignorant as TB&W and they rarely speak English!!

I hope they get caught doing something illegal and the top dogs get thrown in jail! There is NOTHING I like about Cenlar!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

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Austin, Texas, United States #681161

They have never charged me an online fee and we use to have TBW as well. I DO however hate that they "require" $900 in excess escrow that is OUR money. We are getting away from Cenlar ASAP.


Did Cenlar when you mailed them your payment misapply your funds, lose your check, or cash it and never apply it. That is what happened to us.

Then we started paying online. It was free until the FTC/FBI let them lose then they started charging. Now they try to debit an account we do not even give them information for.

WTF Cenlar? I filed an FTC Complaint and now I am sending them a qualified written request.

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